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1. Biology a marking or structure resembling a collar, such as that found around the necks of some birds or at the junction of a stem and a root
2. a section of a shaft or rod having a locally increased diameter to provide a bearing seat or a locating ring
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a ring or similar device that holds a shaft in some position relative to a base for processing established during installation, such as an end or middle bearing of a transmission. Collars are fastened to the shaft on both sides of a bearing to prevent endwise motion. They also may be used in the throw-out of a friction clutch to maintain the proper release distance or in the feed mechanism of a drill for use in drilling blind holes to a specified depth. Collars are made of steel or pig iron.

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What does it mean when you dream about a collar?

Collars represent confinement and restraint (e.g., to “collar” someone). They also indicate completing or finishing something, as in putting the collar on a garment. Collars often are an indication of control (e.g., prisoners) or a token of subservience (e.g., slaves). This kind of dream may well describe a frustrated work situation or a confining relationship.

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(design engineering)
A ring placed around an object to restrict its motion, hold it in place, or cover an opening.
(mining engineering)
The mouth of a mine shaft.
(naval architecture)
An opening in the end or bight of a rope or cable supporting a mast that goes over the masthead.
A ring or loop of metal, rope, or other material, used to secure a heart or deadeye.
A fitting over a structural part passing through a bulkhead or deck.
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1. A metal cap flashing for a vent pipe projecting above a roof deck.
2. A raised band which encircles a metal shaft, a wood dowel, or a wooden leg.
3. A raised section to reinforce a metal weld.
5. The reinforcing metal of a nonpressure thermit weld.
6. Same as escutcheon.
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