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see kalekale,
, and collards,
common names for nonheading, hardy types of cabbage (var. acephala and sometimes others), with thick stems and curly leaves, belonging to the family Cruciferae (or Brassicaceae; mustard family).
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The eastern approach to Collards Creek Bridge had been washed away and at Poor Man s Gully, flooding caused minor damage to structural work that had been undertaken late last year.
Collards grow about three feet tall, with leaves sprouting from a strong central stalk.
Diamondback populations continue to recycle in collards as long as plants remain green and continue to grow.
The hardy plants still thriving in the garden are, more likely than not, collards.
75) without the collard greens (replaced by the previously mentioned lettuce and tomato salad).
Maybe washed and bagged greens can do the same for kale and collards.
ANSWER: According to Bowes and Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, 17th Edition, (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, 1997), one cup of chopped, boiled collards contains 29 milligrams of calcium.
205 Ice cream or frozen yogurt, fat-free or low-fat (1 cup)(1) 200 Collards, frozen (1/2 cup cooked) 180 Sardines canned in water, drained (2 oz.
And the unsung virtues of vegetables like collard greens and kale will probably remain so, because a new law will soon require nutrition labeling only on the 20 most popular vegetables.
If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast, check out Olivia's Organics Baby Kale (or Baby Collards or Baby Swiss Chard) Cooking Greens, which come in generous 11 oz.
Ms Collard said: "I am thrilled, I am relieved I am excited - there are lots of emotions.
Around New Year's Day, there's not much green on the coastal plains of North or South Carolina, except for neat rows of collards (Brassica oleracea).