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Another benefit of the collator, she says, is that you have a plastic-wrapped preprint package that can palletize well, can be transported well, then be inserted into a Sunday newspaper very neatly.
According to Hamilton the main products on the site for commercial printing include bookletmakers, printing presses, paper perforators, bindery equipment, numbering units, collators, stitchers, staplers, rollers, glue systems, paper folders, cutters and shredders.
The new system provides real-time visibility and inventory control as it interfaces to the collator controls to coordinate movement of the AS/RS and the fork trucks.
The Rotatek range consists of different width narrow web rotary presses, with wet offset, dry offset or flexographic units, and complementary equipment such as label slitter rewinders or roll collators, for different markets, from commercial quality printing, direct mail, security printing, to the printing of packaging, films or self-adhesive labels.
Papers expect to spend in excess of 50% more than last year on both new and used inserters and collators.
According to Santos, ForeignTRADEX also publishes a second directory of printing equipment featuring suppliers of new and used printing presses, paper joggers, collators, automatic folders, envelope sealing machines, automated paper cutters as well as related supplies
The Ariana range will be marketed by Jenton retaining the Ariana brand and includes food industry automation equipment such as convergers, collators, divergers, meat portioners, pad placers, seal testers and tray de-nesters.
will exhibit high speed electronic variable data printing systems, which integrate into industrial presses, collators, transports to print sequential bar codes and numbers, jumbo numbers highly variable text, and graphics with highlight color.
Based on participants' responses, the NAA estimates newspapers will spend almost a quarter-billion dollars on plant construction in 2000 (that's double 1999's outlays, though the trade group warns against year-to-year comparisons) and more this year in every listed post-press equipment category -- inserters, collators, stackers, conveyors, and strappers.
A feature of the new factory unit will be a demonstration sandwich production line, including all necessary equipment--from intake and mixers, through to bread collators and butterers to aligners and knifers--to provide prospective customers with full test, trial and training facilities.