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It was a humbling privilege to be part of the chain of testifiers, testimony gatherers, collators, document smugglers and others, who at great risk to themselves brought these human rights violations to the attention of the international community.
Form Flo Equipment Manufacturers, based in Phoenix, AZ, USA, makes a variety of folders, sheeters, collators and other equipment that treats printed materials on the way out of the press.
That only one speech is common to both collections--John Paul II's landmark 1995 address to the UN General Assembly--testifies not only to the different interests of the collators but also to the prolific papal output on social and political issues and to the breadth of this recent Catholic heritage.
John Phelan, 57, a retired teacher from Howden-le-Wear, Crook, one of the collators, said: "It is amazing to think that so many great amateur teams came from a tiny pocket of County Durham.
Collators used to assemble and arrange product before packaging.
Parts-handling equipment includes placers, denesters, collators, and restacking systems.
Last night, a spokesman for regional development agency Advantage West Midlands blasted: 'Clearly the collators of the poll have not bothered to make their way to one of Europe's most rejuvenated cities.
Office products include paper trimmers, paper folding ma chines, paper drills, collators, decollators, check signers, stamp affixers, paper punches and cutters, catalog rack systems, keyboard drawers and computer storage.
The distinction between one group of writers who see themselves as objective collators (the academic `critical biographers'), and another who regard themselves as artists, craftsmen, stylists, cultural interventionists, thus immediately breaks down.
David adds: "We are not lawyers, we are facilitators and collators of information, but we maintain links with a panel of legal experts and can give callers immediate access to specialist expertise.
The supplementary material provided by the collators of these editions may help us to understand the historical significance of this work.
It is possible to add sorters, collators, multiple-feed bins, copy counters and more features, as needed.