collision detection

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collision detection

[kə′lizh·ən di‚tek·shən]
(computer science)
A procedure in which a computer network senses a situation where two computer devices attempt to access the network at the same time and blocks the messages, requiring each device to resubmit its message at a randomly selected time.

collision detection

A class of methods for sharing a data transmission medium in which hosts transmit as soon as they have data to send and then check to see whether their transmission has suffered a collision with another host's.

If a collision is detected then the data must be resent. The resending algorithm should try to minimise the chance that two hosts's data will repeatedly collide. For example, the CSMA/CD protocol used on Ethernet specifies that they should then wait for a random time before re-transmitting.

See also backoff.

This contrasts with slotted protocols and token passing.
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The collision detection method is largely classified into a method of detecting all nodes of an object and a boundary deteciton method of an object represented by a bounding volume.
Inspections of the subway projects are mainly divided into two aspects: one is the single professional of collision detection which are collision detections on construction model and integrated pipelines, the other is overall professional model collision detection.
This solution covers collision detection of all phases of flight in an airport environment compared to the existing independent or standalone systems that cannot cover all phases of flight.
Manipulator Collision Detection Based on Point Cloud Model.
Most collision detection methods are divided into two phases: i) broad-phase methods are related to determining the pair of objects involved in potential collision, and ii) narrow-phase methods are focused on checking the exact collision for every pair identified in broad phase (Mirtich, 1997).
Several safety features run in the background during SmartStart - including FlexSafe (Flexible Safety Areas) and Automatic Collision Detection (ACD) - in manual and step mode.
At an initial level of collision detection, there are two subparts of dynamic collision detection algorithms which are discrete collision detection (DCD) and continuous collision detection (CCD).
The vehicle incorporates collision detection and avoidance systems.
The collision detection algorithm has to be used with each obstacle in a working space.
He might only be the size of a human thumb but his brain is big enough to allow him to follow simple remote control commands and use collision detection to avoid bumping into walls.
Wisam Alawi, Volvo Brand Manager at Mahmoudia Motors said, eIuThe launch of the XC60 represents an introduction of the latest car technologies to the Jordanian Auto market and solidifies the fact that Volvo will remain a pioneer in car safety, specially that it has come out with its own version of collision detection technology known as City Safety.
ESPRIT's real-time simulation and comprehensive collision detection ensures that even the most complex parts will be machined correctly--the first time.

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