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an academic seminar



(1) One of the forms of study in the educational system, having as its goal the clarification and augmentation of the student’s knowledge. Students in a colloquium discuss the individual parts, divisions, themes, and problems of the course being studied (material usually not included in the subject matter of seminars and other practical forms of study) and the participants’ papers, projects, and other assignments.

(2) Scientific gatherings at which papers are heard and discussed.

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The colloquium was participated by the Kagan, Tausug, Maranao, Iranun, Maguindanao, Mansaka, Dibabawon, Mandaya, Kalagan, and Ata-Manobo tribes who were the original settlers of Tagum.
The Chief Executive Officer of Small Business Development Institute (SBDI), Mr Xolani Qubeka will share progress made since the first colloquium.
TD Ameritrade Institutional, the lead founding sponsor of the Center for Financial Planning, is supporting the Colloquium and sponsoring the Best Paper Award in the discipline of behavioral finance.
The 2013 colloquium included a researcher workshop during the second week titled "Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon Cycle: Perspectives across Terrestrial and Ocean Ecosystems.
The colloquium presentations, video series, and final document.
The colloquium which is attended by courts presidents, judges, specialised barristers and representatives of public enterprises, aims to look at a set of subjects related to the problems of land registration, appeal methods, updating of land titles and land litigations.
The objective of the colloquium was to embark on a journey to breakthroughs in actuarial science, business, computer science, economics, finance and management and endeavouring with follow-up and feedback towards a better and brighter Pakistan.
Dr Sameer Al Ansari, acting chief executive officer of the Hawkamah Institute, said: "The aim of this colloquium is to provide an interactive platform for bringing together the Insolvency professionals and financial institutions across the globe as well as representatives of Mena regulators and policy makers to discuss and debate and most importantly share experiences of dealing with Insolvency and restructuring cases in their respective jurisdictions.
of Technology, Germany) present 15 research papers originally presented at a June 2012 colloquium on "Baltic Business Development," held as part of the 3rd international conference on "Economics of Central and Eastern Europe," organized by the Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration.
Munir Al-Sayed, dean of the faculty, said that a group of global elite specialists from UK, China, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain would speak at the colloquium.
9 (Petra)--Jordan will host on Wednesday the fifth session of the Amman Security Colloquium which is organized by the Arab Institute for Security Studies.
Armenian-Georgian Astrological Colloquium "Instability of Stars and Evolution" will be held at the Byurakan