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activated rosin flux

A flux having a resin or rosin base and containing an additive to increase wetting by the solder.

rosin, colophony

A resin obtained as a residue in the distillation of crude turpentine from the sap of pine trees (gum rosin) or from an extract of the stumps and other parts of them (wood rosin).
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But listen, what's really important about the trees we plant is not the products we get from them--the colophony, the biofuels--but the biodiversity they are producing and the way that biodiversity is helping the earth to recuperate, to restore its vegetative skin, and helping with the composition of the atmosphere.
A recycled polymer from greenhouse films, supplied in pellets by Egmasa (Spain), and a colophony resin (rosin), provided by Valcan, S.
Wallingford, with silane; barium sulfate; CT, USA silica; calcium hydroxide; bismuth oxychloride with amines; peroxides; photopolymerization initiator; stabilizers and pigments Intrafill Zinc oxide, hydrogenated SSWhite, Rio de colophony, colophony, bismuth Janeiro, RJ, subcarbonate, barium sulfate, Brazil anhydrous disodium borate, eugenol Graph 1--Radiopacity means and standard deviation for the tested materials and results of the Tukey HSD post-hoc test ([alpha] = .
Colophony improved with the step up in trip to get off the mark at the expense of Wally Wonder at Huntingdon and looks the pick of the opposition.
The primary rationales for using an R type flux are: 1) colophony or rosin contains only naturally occurring flux activator constituents and is not subjected to the problems/complications of chemistry formulas by the flux supplier and 2) the industry acknowledges and accepts that, if a component or PWB surface is found to have acceptable solderability test results using R type flux, then more active flux formulations used in the assembly process are likely to produce acceptable solder wetting results.
have been awarded a patent for a non-dusting, homogenous pigment preparation comprising at least one effect pigment, a modified colophony resin having an acid number of 90-200 mg of KOH/g of resin, a hydroxyl group content of 40-180 mg of KOH/g of resin and a softening range of 50-120[degrees]C and water, a solvent or solvent mixture.
Colophony is present as a tackifier in shoe dermatitis.
Colophony, ketoprofen, fragrance, likenler, sesquiterpene laktonlar sorumlu alerjenlerdir.
Although he has come down a few pounds, he isn't particularly well handicapped, but shaped well when second to Colophony at Huntingdon last week and runs off the same mark.
Koh D, Lec BL, Org Hyetal Colophony in bindi adhesive.
Cresswell Ruby was all guts as she made every yard in the 3m2f handicap hurdle, while Colophony - belying odds of 33-1 - came home well clear in the 2m4f handicap hurdle.
Bravo Dancer was all out to beat the odds-on Colophony in the Foster's Lager Maiden Stakes, while Fly More sent favourite backers home happy after his three lengths win over Petongski in the Miller UK Handicap.