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a leader of a cause or party



an individual charged with the honor and responsibility of carrying the colors in a military formation. In the Russian army the standard-bearer was chosen from the ranks of noncommissioned officers with battle decorations. In the Soviet army he is designated by order for each unit and is usually a sergeant or officer, usually with government decorations, or a soldier with excellent results in battle and political training. Two assistants are assigned to protect the colors and to replace the standard-bearer if he is disabled.

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The Honor Guard consists of three ceremonial flights, made up of color bearers, pall bearers and firing party personnel.
The Main Street Parade gets underway at 9:15 AM outside of Barnes & Noble and travels down the center's main street to "Central Park," with appearances by The Tennessee Army National Guard Flag & Color Bearers, Leadership Collierville, The Collierville High School Dragon Regiment Band and Color Guard, The Red Hots Drill Team, Catherine Werne Miss Tennessee United States, Amy Robbins Miss Collierville 2005, Sam Pappas Miss Collierville Teen 2005, The Collierville Fire and Police Departments, The Libby Lu Mascot, Rockey The Rockin' Redbird and The Grizzlies Mascot, and Bearmey - the Build-A-Bear Workshop Mascot, and other special guests.