color filter

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Color filter

An optical element that partially absorbs incident radiation, often called an absorption filter. The absorption is selective with respect to wavelength, or color, limiting the colors that are transmitted by limiting those that are absorbed. Color filters absorb all the colors not transmitted. They are used in photography, optical instruments, and illuminating devices to control the amount and spectral composition of the light.

Color filters are made of glass for maximum permanence, of liquid solutions in cells with transparent faces for flexibility of control, and of dyed gelatin or plastic (usually cellulose acetate) for economy, convenience, and flexibility. The plastic filters are often of satisfactory permanence, but they are sometimes cemented between glass plates for greater toughness and scratch resistance. They do not have as good quality as gelatin filters.

Color filters are sometimes classified according to their type of spectral absorption: short-wavelength pass, long-wavelength pass or band-pass; diffuse or sharp-cutting; monochromatic or conversion. The short-wavelength pass transmits all wavelengths up to the specified one and then absorbs. The long-wavelength pass is the opposite. Every filter is a band-pass filter when considered generally. Even an ordinary piece of glass does not transmit in the ultraviolet or infrared parts of the spectrum. Color filters, however, are usually discussed in terms of the portion of the visible part of the spectrum. Sharp and diffuse denote the sharpness of the edges of the filter band pass. Monochromatic filters are very narrow band-pass filters. Conversion filters alter the spectral response or distribution of one selective detector or source to that of another, for example, from that of a light bulb to that of the Sun. See Absorption of electromagnetic radiation, Color

color filter

[′kəl·ər ‚fil·tər]
An optical element that partially absorbs incident light, consisting of a pane of glass or other partially transparent material, or of films separated by narrow layers; the absorption may be either selective or nonselective with respect to wavelength. Also known as light filter.
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The color filter & micro lens array are important middle-end processes for manufacturing CIS which are widely used in electronic products with image processing functions such as camera phones, digital cameras, and car cameras.
Among the key component segment, production value of color filter, polarizer, grass substrate, and backlight module reached NT$27.
2] On-chip Color Filter: A color filter that is formed directly on the element of an image sensor.
In the current business year ending March 31, the company expects to report around 20 billion yen in sales from its color filter operations.
You name it, people groused about virtually every aspect of the movie, but the thing that hacked off audiences the most was the stupid color filters director Joshua Logan employed to enhance the mood of some scenes.
Sumitomo Chemical's color filter business is conducted by its subsidiary STI Technology Inc.
CMI appears to develop OLED panels based on white OLED in conjunction with color filter.
By directly connecting its color filter facility with Sharp's production line for flat-screen TVs, Dai Nippon Printing aims to supply its products efficiently.
The formation of the new alliance not only signals a synergy of the ties between Taiwan and Japan corporates in cross-border collaboration of two leading multinationals in the global flat panel display industry, but also enhances AUO's supply chain in color filter business and its long-term cost competitiveness without repetitively capacity investment.
Before applying the micro-lenses, a Bayer color filter pattern is placed on the surface of the sensor area to obtain full color images.
Retired Kodak research scientist Bryce Bayer, whose invention of a color filter array enabled digital imaging sensors to capture color, is today being honored by the Royal Photographic Society with its Progress Award at a ceremony in London.
01 million due to the downturn of the color filter industry worldwide.