color gamut

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color gamut

The entire range of colors available on a particular device such as a monitor or printer. A monitor, which displays RGB signals, typically has a greater color gamut than a printer, which uses CMYK inks. When a color is "out of gamut," it cannot be properly converted to the target device; for example, to a different type of printer. See color management system and color space.

Color Gamut


in fine and decorative art, a number of harmoniously related color nuances (with one predominating), used to create an artistic work. As a rule, this term is accompanied by the usual color definitions: thus, the color gamut is called warm, hot, cold, light, and the like.

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The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor is the first LCD-based display to accurately reveal true black levels with exceptional dark detail and higher contrast across the entire color gamut.
It also features a 2560 x 1600 resolution and 10-bit wide color gamut AH-IPS LCD panel that provides the accurate, vibrant colors professionals require.
rd] generation ultra-thin TV C1, the high color gamut TV E6800, the Big-eye Crystal washing machine, the BCD-750WEBS60 four-door refrigerator and the KFRd air conditioner equipped with patented dual-core titanium technology, as well as many new products including the P606L on display at TCL's booth all served to leave a deep impression on visitors.
Specifically, the Christie 3P RGB laser solution produces a native color gamut that far exceeds that of other traditional lamp-based projection systems.
According to a report by Tech Radar, the quantum dots will allow Apple to improve the color gamut of displays.
Sumitomo Electric and Sony anticipate a wide variety of applications forthis technology such as incorporation into advanced laser projectors with high luminosity and broad color gamut, as well as compact, light, energy-efficient laser projectors.
4 times wider color gamut, and approximately 10 times faster video image response time (all values based on current Sony models).
When discussing the color gamut it is very important to specify the corresponding viewing conditions and observer details.
The new Oce IJC610 series low solvent inks utilized in the Oce CS6060 offer an expanded color gamut.
The Effect of Paper Substrate on Color Gamut and the Trend Towards Reference Printing Conditions, Mohammed Ali Salahuddin and Abhay Sharma, Western Michigan University; and Fay Summer, Flint Ink Corporation
Utilizing an NTSC color gamut of 72 percent, the 21.
4-pound portable multimedia projector features a 2,000 ANSI lumens, a 500:1 contrast ratio, SVGA (800 x 600) native resolution and Epson's three LCD system, which offers a wider color gamut, letting the projector reproduce better color accuracy and deliver images with richer overall cover saturation.