color gradients

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hypsometric tinting

hypsometric tinting
Above tints are in shades of brown.
A method of showing relief on maps and charts by coloring in different shades those parts that lie between different levels. Also called layer tinting. Sometimes referred to as elevation tint, altitude tint, and layer tint, color gradients, and gradient tints.
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The printer's 9600 x 600 dpi-class resolution--a 600 x 600 x 4-bit contone printing technology--generates true-to-life photographic detail and smooth color gradients.
Each KVM solution was evaluated by an independent video quality subject matter expert in four key areas -- video bandwidth, color gradients and sharpness, jitter and distortion, and ghosting (hazy outline of text shapes around letters) and reflection (hazy outline of text shapes inside letters).
With the 9600 x 600 dpi-class PhotoART quality and dynamic contone screening of KONICA MINOLTA Emperon controllers, the magicolor 2550 Series printers deliver amazing photographic detail, smooth color gradients, and crisp text.
Image Craft s incredibly high standards and printing capabilities make them a perfect match for handling the reproduction of the complex shapes and color gradients in the MultiCam patterns.
Color gradients are also featured, creating interest and a new look reflective of the current dip dye trend.
This breakthrough EnviroLeather[TM] design technology allows for dozens of colors and subtle color gradients within each pattern.
Color gradients are the main plot: gray gradually evolves into calm earth colors, with a perfect ending of elegant black.
Studies that account for changes across color gradients (Hunter, 1998; Hunter, 2002; Hunter, 2005) explore the relationship between skin tone and authority.
Color gradients are smooth in the printer's sixcolor/600 dpi mode.
5 for the Macintosh program has many advantages over FreeHand, including multiple color gradients, expanded Pathfinder filters that enable trapping as well as a powerful plug-in architecture that allows extensibility.
will ship with extensive color painting and imaging editing and features including: customizable brushes with many special effects; tools to modify an image's color and style; color gradients and shading; support for many file formats (including MacDraw's PICT, PICT 2 and MacPaint files); and wide selection of color models and palettes.
Special text effects, such as color gradients, curves, shadows and perspective, give users the ability to give personality to company names, tag lines or slogans.