color gradients

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hypsometric tinting

hypsometric tinting
Above tints are in shades of brown.
A method of showing relief on maps and charts by coloring in different shades those parts that lie between different levels. Also called layer tinting. Sometimes referred to as elevation tint, altitude tint, and layer tint, color gradients, and gradient tints.
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The ViewSonic Pro7827HD is the first in the LightStream line to feature a RGBRGB 6-segment color wheel, powered by ViewSonic's SuperColour(TM) technology providing detailed pictures and brilliant color gradient coverage.
Because of the strong color gradients, especially between red and green (opponent colors), a large proportion of our less experienced students was misled and placed the fronts at color boundaries instead of at the strongest equivalent potential temperature gradients.
This breakthrough EnviroLeather[TM] design technology allows for dozens of colors and subtle color gradients within each pattern.
Taaffe screens images onto the face of very thin paper with color gradients painted on the backside, transforming each shape into a translucent membrane.
For spring/summer 2012, Lee, who studied fashion design at the Sydney Institute of Technology, was influenced by the study of light and shapes in the work of Bauhaus artists--ideas that surface in his line's layered transparencies and color gradients, both of which help blur the boundaries between body and garment.
Color gradients are smooth in the printer's sixcolor/600 dpi mode.
Color gradients on a 3-D view of the MEMS structure show analysis results such as stress, velocity, pressure and contact areas, and liquid or voltage displacement.
2018 was the year of triple cameras, the notch and dizzying variation of color gradients. It was also the year when in-screen fingerprint scanners and sliding/pop-up cameras were the coolest innovations, but judging from the news and the leaks of upcoming phones, it looks like 2019 will be even more competitive and crazier.
From a safe distance, these are dull color gradients; close up, the eye fails to register depth.
Using a scanned version of the deficient photo, DIGITAL ROC Professional analyzes color gradients and removes color shifts by restoring lost color and generating optimal color curves for each color channel.