color rendering index

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color rendering index (CRI)

A measure of the closeness with which a light approximates daylight having the same color temperature.
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Demir, "Color-converting combinations of nanocrystal emitters for warm-white light generation with high color rendering index," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
The IL RPS-380 Portable Spectre radiometer is powered by a USB cable connection to a laptop or PC and provides NIST traceable data to yield color rendering index (CRI) characterization.
It is also important that bulbs meet the appropriate Color Rendering Index (CRI), so that colors appear natural (i.e., as theyareseen in sunlight).
They produce a white light (3,000 to 4,000 degrees Kelvin) with a color rendering index of 6575.
Technical specifications for color rendering index and color temperature were given, as determining factors in effeciency.
It has a high CRI (color rendering index) as well as a high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), and an eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens maintains single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping.
Lakeville, MN, March 26, 2015 --( ThinLight is proud to announce the release of their new TileLight, a series of LED lighting products designed for specific lighting applications in retail stores, studios, or anywhere high color rendering index (CRI) lighting is required to create more vibrant colors.
The IES has issued a position statement recognizing that the long-established use of the Color Rendering Index (CRI) has "shortcomings" relative to today's solid-state lighting technologies.
Although the efficiency has been much improved as electroluminance effective phosphorescent emitters were employed, the color rendering index was low [11].
The new LM561B features 160-1m/W light efficacy, which is the highest available among mid-power LED packages worldwide, with electric current rated at 65 mA, 5000 K CCT (correlated color temperature), and a rating of over 80 CRI (color rendering index).
The lineup also includes high-performance models that feature a color rendering index (Ra) of greater than 90 to meet the need for light sources which require higher color rendering properties.