color rendering index

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color rendering index (CRI)

A measure of the closeness with which a light approximates daylight having the same color temperature.
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As of September 29, 2011, for LED lighting devices with an input power of 50W, a color temperature of 3000K (GW5DME30MR5), and a color rendering index (Ra) of 83 (based on Sharp research).
The BR30 100W and R20 75W Cree LED Bulbs feature beautiful, high color rendering index (CRI) light that enhances home dcor and makes colors appear true and natural.
com)-- ThinLight is proud to announce the release of their new TileLight, a series of LED lighting products designed for specific lighting applications in retail stores, studios, or anywhere high color rendering index (CRI) lighting is required to create more vibrant colors.
The IES has issued a position statement recognizing that the long-established use of the Color Rendering Index (CRI) has "shortcomings" relative to today's solid-state lighting technologies.
Color quality: Use the color rendering index (CRI) to determine color quality.
In addition, it achieved a high color rendering index (Ra)(4) of 83 by faithfully reproducing the colors of objects.
Eighty-four precision-fitted LEDs provide excellent shadow control and an industry leading color rendering index of 97, giving surgeons better tissue differentiation, even deep in the pelvis.
Receiving a one-page summary each, the topics include photometric quantities, color rendering index, form factor, optical fibers, compound concentrators, and facade floodlighting.
T8 fluorescents are more color corrected than standard fluorescents; on a color rendering index (CRI) scale of 100 for natural lighting, T8s come in at the 80s, compared with the mid-60s for standard lighting.