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On the other hand, to the best of the authors' knowledge, not a lot of research is focused on the color space conversion technique used in JPEG.
After this color space conversion, a pre-determined threshold was applied to the image.
Image pre-processing comprises of image cropping, color space conversion and color channel extraction, contrast enhancement, application of Gabor filtering and half wave rectification done in the specified order.
The comparison between proposed hardware implementation and software simulation results of the lane detection system present some differences at the level of color space conversion and consequently the edge detection bloc.
The GMG ColorServer color management software performs fully automatic color space conversion on RGB, CMYK, and mixed data, in order to obtain uniform color standards.
These cards are well suited for applications in defense, traffic systems and instrumentation projects, providing full frame rate acquisition with options for color space conversion and flexible re-sizing / cropping of the video images during the capture process - helping to reduce the demands on the host CPU platform.
A display subsystem with picture-in-picture, color space conversion, rotation and resizing support provides flexibility to connect to LCD display for vibrant, crisp and high-resolution images.
The video decoder core is also accompanied by a comprehensive suite of image processing functions including color space conversion, alpha blending, deinterlacing and image scaling.
-- Pre-processing for color space conversion and image re-sizing for viewfinder display;
The original RGB image to YCbCr color space conversion is performed to extract texture and color features from Y plane, Cb plane and Cr plane.
Moreover, for device independent color space conversions, a custom, D55-compliant function is developed and runs faster than the Matlab built-in counterpart.
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