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Les poetes, afin de colorer leurs visions d'un charme indicible, cherchent de beaux caracteres, ainsi qu'une belle femme desire poser des pierres precieuses sur sa peau pour parsemer son corps de splendeurs.
Colorers receive some sixty designs inspired by English paper-pieced quilts from Katja Marek, who specializes in and holds a special affection for hexagons.
Another challenge facing home hair colorers involves the accidental dying of the skin, a problem that affects about 42% of women who dye their hair.
The new lineup includes a shampoo and conditioner designed to preserve hair color and Color Boost, which provides subtle color enhancement for both all-over colorers and highlighters.
But instead of having to live with those orange-colored locks, home hair colorers can now turn to Colorfix, a dye reducer from New York hair color expert Robert Craig (www.
We predict that by the year 2000 the number of hair colorers will grow to 55 million," he says.