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1. any of various measures of quantity, such as a bag containing 1 hundredweight of coal
2. any pouch or sac forming part of the body of an animal, esp the udder of a cow
3. Hunting the quantity of quarry taken in a single hunting trip or by a single hunter

What does it mean when you dream about a bag?

Bags can carry connotations of secrecy, particularly sexual secrets (bags can symbolize wombs). Placing something in a bag or similar receptacle may represent something unpleasant we wish to avoid, so a bag dream could indicate the repression of awareness. Bags can also hold gifts and nourishment (grocery bags), and represent our hopes, wishes and plans. The key to determining which of these meanings apply is the emotional tenor of the dream. (See also Basket, Sack).


A flexible cover used in bag molding.
A container made of paper, plastic, or cloth without rigid walls to transport or store material.

bag, sack

A quantity of portland cement: 94 lb in the United States, 87.5 lb in Canada, 112 lb (50.8 kg) in the United Kingdom, and 50 kg in most countries using the metric system.
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Caroline, whose three-year-old son Danny sometimes has to help her when she's out and about, said she wasn't moaning and that her colostomy bag has prolonged her life.
I'm just so glad that it's brought about more awareness of Crohn's disease and it's made me feel so much more confident about the colostomy bags," Bethany told the Mirror, adding that it was in Mexico she decided to wear a bikini for the first time since she has worn the bags.
HER life was turned upside down by a deadly bowel disease - but Donna Cusack is using her ordeal to help others and fight the stigma around colostomy bags.
The picture below is how I had to change my colostomy bag yesterday in the disabled toilet when I went to the theatre.
I felt forced to show him that underneath my jumper was my colostomy bag, and I told him that he had discriminated against me, he denied this.
He then went for an MRI scan as part of his plan to have his colostomy bag removed to get back into sports again.
Injuries inflicted by Ward included a ruptured bowel, necessitating the colostomy bag.
com)-- This summer AdvaCare is pleased to introduce 2 new additions to its extensive range of medical supplies: Female Sanitary Pads (Sanitary Napkins) and Colostomy Bags (Ostomy Bags).
But she suffered another bleed the following month and tests revealed she had a mass on her bowel and had to have a temporary colostomy bag fitted.
In the press release sent out by his publicist, Carrey called Fox News 'Fux News', and also labeled the number one cable news channel 'a media Colostomy bag,' the report added.
The 76-year-old who lives in Acrefair said: "I had to have a colostomy bag, but it wasn't working right.
One of the couple's sons suffered from bowel condition Hirschsprung's disease, meaning he was wearing a colostomy bag.