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a depository for urns containing ashes after a cremation.

In ancient Rome they were specially erected buildings with rows of semicircular niches. An ancient Roman columbarium, built in the first century B.C. under Augustus, was discovered near Rome, on the Appian Way. Today cemeteries and crematoriums are equipped with columbaria.


One or a series of niches, intended to receive human remains. (See illustration p. 232.) columella Same as colonette.
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More specifically, cremation costs will depend on the funeral chapel, the inclusion of a memorial service, the type of urn that will be used by the family for the ashes, and the purchase of a vault within a columbary.
A columbary is a place where you can put your urns in a vault within a facility.
And since the columbary would be the final resting place for your loved ones, choosing a dependable company is just as important.