column footing

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footing beam

Same as tie beam, 2.
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When locating columns at an expansion j oint, it's beneficial to hold the columns back 8 to 10 feet from the existing building and cantilever the framing to the expansion joint to avoid potential conflicts between new and existing column footings or piers.
Due to the variation between the historic plans and what they found in actuality, team members were uncertain whether they hit all the interior column footings. But as Moen points out, "with the micropiles and the way the new support structure was connected into the existing viaduct, it didn't matter whether we hit them or not.
Nylander, "Punching shear tests on column Footings," Nordic Concrete Research, vol.
The engineering department soon identified that the boundary wall design could benefit from substantial cost saving by modifying the column footings from eccentric, as originally intended, to concentric.
and included several columns and column footings. During cure, the wall was continuously moistened with a water drip.