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The maximal number of right independent columns of A will be called right column rank of A.
In the same fashion left column rank and left, right row rank of A are defined.
The mapping g may be regarded as a left linear combination of the rows of A, and the right column rank and the left row rank coincide.
The right column rank of A will be called rank of A.
0] has full column rank n and, in turn, a system is controllable if [[GAMMA].
ATDHE NUHIU V JOEL LYNCH While Wednesday's defence has been tight, their goals scored column ranks as one of the worst in the Championship, with a tally of 36 bettered by each team other than the bottom three.
On this newspaper's Web site, the column ranks as one of the most-viewed stories of all time, second only to a story last year about a two-headed cat from Millbury.