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Sustainment stocks that accompany units during deployments are known as combat loads.
BCT commanders requesting and holding combat loads that exceed their unit needs affect overall theater munitions operations in several ways.
The Army and Marine Corps have endlessly studied ways to reduce the combat load, but in the end, it's water that contributes considerably to the heavy load, Fuller says in an interview at his office in Fort Belvoir, Va.
Army Chief of Staff has directed that by 2010 a Soldier's combat load is not to exceed 50 pounds.
5 tonnes with a full combat load attains a top speed of 103 km/h.
Engineers are applying those lessons to build a lighter assault rifle that would help decrease the average soldier's combat load, too.
Because of the possibility of IEDs my platoon also revised the combat load we were carrying in the trucks.
This contract also puts the Army in the forefront of using advanced electro-optics technology to lessen the combat load of overburdened soldiers.
Veterans of Operation Anaconda feel that long movements with combat load, preferably in a mountainous environment, should be the focus of physical training in preparation for mountain operations.
The second list outlines a 30-days of supply (DOS) hazardous materials combat load, usually referred to as a unit basic load; commanders, executive officers, environmental officials, and the full command staff developed this list.
It takes 18 pounds and 500 cubic inches off the back of a special operations warrior -- that reduction in combat load is sure to help the warfighter do a better job," said Ken Peterman, Raytheon Tactical Systems' business development director.
Another initiative that the lab is pursuing as part of the "distributed operations" concept is to lighten the combat load of dismounted troops.

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