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in business: see trusttrust,
in law, arrangement whereby property legally owned by one person is administered for the benefit of another. Three parties are ordinarily needed for the relation to arise: the settlor, who bequeaths or deeds the property for another's benefit; the trustee, in whose hands
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(in Russian, kombinatsiia). (1) An interdependent union, connection, or arrangement of several objects or component parts (elements) of a single object.

(2) A set of procedures for carrying out a complex plan, such as a chess combination.

(3) A contrivance, trick, or subterfuge; a deliberate maneuver to achieve a mercenary or other improper goal (commercial combination; political combination).

(4) An item of women’s underclothing (a slip).



in mathematics. Combinations of n elements taken k at a time are sets that contain k of the n elements and that differ from each other in at least one element. The number of combinations of n elements, k at a time, is denoted by Combination, C (n, k), or Combination and is equal to n!/k!(n - k)! (seeCOMBINATORICS).


A selection of one or more of the elements of a given set without regard to order.


a. the set of numbers that opens a combination lock
b. the mechanism of this type of lock
2. Brit a motorcycle with a sidecar attached
3. Maths
a. an arrangement of the numbers, terms, etc., of a set into specified groups without regard to order in the group
b. a group formed in this way. The number of combinations of n objects taken r at a time is n!/[(n -- r)!r!]. Symbol: nCr
4. the chemical reaction of two or more compounds, usually to form one other compound
5. Chess a tactical manoeuvre involving a sequence of moves and more than one piece


A set containing a certain number of objects selected from another set.

The number of combinations of r objects chosen from a set of n is

n C r = n! / ((n-r)! r!)

where "n C r" is normally with n and r as subscripts or as n above r in parentheses.

See also permutation.


In the theory of combinators, a combination denotes an expression in which function application is the only operation.
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Specifically, many exemplars of training were needed to establish even mutually entailed opposite relations and training combinatorially entailed opposite relations was even more difficult.
means for combinatorially combining the first and second values to generate a triple precision arithmetic value.
However, this does not solve the problem at the logical level (the user is confronted with a combinatorially exploding number of versions).
Polyhedron" is, or was, vague in just the way that "religion" is, combinatorially vague.
B is the "same as" A) and the combinatorially entailed relation (i.
Viewed combinatorially and geometrically, natural constraints often cause data to cluster along low-dimensional structures, such as unions-of-subspaces or manifolds, having a few degrees of freedom relative to their size.
A polytope is called inscribable if it is combinatorially equivalent to a polytope that has all its vertices on a sphere.
In our game, the number of defender strategies, that is, patrol schedules, grows combinatorially, generating a scale-up challenge.
All of those materials have established the pseudo-manifold geometry and combinatorially Finsler geometry or Riemannian geometry.
The remaining nine cysteine residues were individually and combinatorially converted to serine residues, which identified four cysteines near the catalytic pocket that cooperatively maintain JAK2's catalytic activity.
the signaling pathways leading from receptor occupancy to gene activation, with all the various posttranslational modifications and their dependence on the state of the cell, terminating in the modulation of sets of genes combinatorially regulated by sets of transcription factors.
Combinatorially entailed relations pertain among three or more related stimuli.

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