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in music: see notenote,
in musical notation, symbol placed on or between the lines of a staff to indicate the pitch and the relative duration of the tone to be produced by voice or instrument. The largest note value in common use in the United States is the whole note, an elliptical outline.
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(in machine building), an accessory for machine tools that serves as an auxiliary support for the workpieces as they rotate during machining. A rest prevents flexing of workpieces because of cutting forces and their own weight and increases their resistance to vibration. Rests are used in machining long flexible shafts and workpieces that have long projections on lathes, circular grinding machines, and thread-milling and spline-milling machines. A distinction is made between steady rests (usually attached to the guide bed) and follow rests (which move together with the saddle).



(Russian pauza,) in music, a break in one, several, or all voices in a musical composition; also, a sign in music notation signifying a break.

In modern music notation, there are whole-note rests, half-rests, quarter-rests, eighth-rests, and 16th-, 32nd-, and 64th-rests. The shorter rests are rarely used. More prolonged rests are usually represented by a long mark with a numeral over it to indicate the number of bars for which the rest is to be observed. Originally, the primary purpose of the rest was to separate melodic voices. Later, the rest was used within melodic lines, and it became an important expressive means.


1. a mark in a musical score indicating a pause of specific duration
2. Prosody a pause in or at the end of a line; caesura
3. Billiards Snooker any of various special poles used as supports for the cue in shots that cannot be made using the hand as a support


(1) Rest and relaxation. See digital vacation.

(2) (REpresentational State Transfer) A software architecture for activating services over the Web. Introduced in 2000 by Roy Fielding, one of the authors of HTTP, REST is used to request services and return responses over the Web, commonly known as Web services.

Considered a simpler approach to Web services than the more complex and formal SOAP protocol, "RESTful" Web services make use of standard HTTP verbs, URIs and Internet media types. Requests are made via HTTP, and data is returned in XML, JSON or other data formats. REST concepts predate SOAP but were brought back into focus after developers gained experience with SOAP implementations. See HTTP, URI, Internet media type, WADL and SOAP.
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The second crash involved a silver Seat which skidded and rolled down the grass verge in the central reservation before coming to rest on its roof.
The Cobra hit the trees and lost the tail boom before coming to rest on its right side.
The single-decker coach hit a set of railings, mounted the pavement and mowed down several people before coming to rest in front of a shop.
In this region the block oscillates over a finite number of periods before coming to rest.
His partner slithers down from under his supporting arm, coming to rest draped over his flexed left thigh.
James Mirollo bracingly considers the many twentieth-century poems addressing Bruegel's Fall of Icarus coming to rest on Auden and Williams as examples of a conflictual paradigm of image envy, a combative relationship between poem and painting where the poem ignores, misreads, and distorts the image.
Heavily swaddled, the craft will hit the ground at 20 meters per second and bounce like a beach ball as many as 12 times before coming to rest on Martian soil some 3 hours before sunrise.
Baraka assails the white concept of gender equality in favor of submissive women; and his suspicions of imperialism under any guise, although he adopts Marxism, ultimately lead him through political twists, fraught with ambiguities, between the expressive and performative modes, coming to rest in what Olaniyan describes as change.
Here's one why: The Pontiac flipped into the air and the driver's side slammed into the tirewall and adjoining guardrail before coming to rest on its roof.
The stock's Schaeffer's put/call open interest ratio (SOIR) has steadily declined since the beginning of October, coming to rest at today's perch at 0.
The driver of the blue Ford Focus eventually lost control on Bilston Road at the junction with Darlaston Road and demolished a lamppost and a wall before coming to rest in a garden.
As it went over the Eldon crossroads and on to Close House, it crossed to the offside of the carriageway and collided with a fence before coming to rest in a field.