Windows commands

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Windows commands

The following Windows commands, which are excecuted on the command line, are described in this encyclopedia. See cmd abc's.
 Dir     List file names

    Del     Remove a file

    Rename  Change names

    type    Display a text file

    Xcopy   Copy files and folders

    copy    Copy files

    Mkdir   Create folder

    Chdir   Go to folder

    Rmdir   Remove folder

    Cls    Clear screen
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Designed to cover problems found in the Microsoft Certified Professional Technology Specialist 70-680 and IT Professional 70-685 and 70-686 examinations, this volume includes command line commands for scripting with batch files, managing and maintaining Windows 7 installation, troubleshooting, remote administration, imaging, managing user data and using PowerShell.
No cryptic command line commands or third-party network management applications required.