command line interface

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command line interface

(operating system)
A means of communication between a program and its user, based solely on textual input and output. Commands are input with the help of a keyboard or similar device and are interpreted and executed by the program. Results are output as text or graphics to the terminal.

Command line interfaces usually provide greater flexibility than graphical user interfaces, at the cost of being harder for the novice to use. Consequently, some hackers look down on GUIs as designed For The Rest Of Them.
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command line

A text-based user interface to the computer. The command line is a blank line and cursor on the screen, allowing the user to type in instructions for immediate execution. All major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.) support command lines that programmers and power users can employ to perform file management operations directly and often more efficiently than by using a graphical user interface (GUI). After typing a command, it is executed by pressing the Enter key.

Windows Examples
There are numerous Windows commands in this encyclopedia, and two examples follow. To do these operations in Windows Explorer or a Windows-based Pkzip utility would take numerous mouse clicks. See Windows commands.

Command             Operation Performedcopy *.html d:\abc  Copy HTML files to
                     ABC folder in D drive

 pkzip xyz *.jpg     Compress all JPEG
                     files into the Zip
                     archive XYZ.ZIP.

Interactive or Sequential
Commands can be executed one at a time by typing the command and pressing Enter. They can also be executed as a group, in which case the commands are typed into a "batch" or "script" file. The file name is typed on the command line, and pressing Enter causes each command to be executed in order. See batch file abc's, cmd abc's, command processor and PowerShell.

Windows Command Line
After the command prompt was launched, the command cd /stage switches focus to the STAGE folder. The dir *.cmd lists all the Windows batch files, and prepnew executes the commands in the prepNEW.cmd file.

Mac/Unix/Linux Command Line
This example from macOS, which is a Unix-based operating system, shows two commands issued after the command line ("terminal window") was launched. The cd desktop switches focus to the desktop, and ls X* lists all files that begin with upper case "X."
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The critical research question is, "How can we capture many of the advantages of natural language input without having to solve the 'AI-Complete' problem of natural language understanding?" Command line interfaces have some of the advantages of language, such as the large number of commands always available to the user and the rich syntactic structures that can be used to form complex commands.
The web console offers a way to inspect the opened web page via a command line interface, and to run small operations on the contents of the page.
Features of the new release include multistore support, a new command line interface, extended operation notifications, an expanded ZeXtras Administration Zimlet which is easier to use, as well as an improved core, with smarter search functions and store management.
This second edition adds coverage of the Mac OS X command line interface throughout the book, with a new chapter on the Perl scripting language and new coverage of the rsync secure copy utility.
The integration of a standards-compatible command line interface (CLI) ensures the product is easy to manage and can be used seamlessly in networks with equipment from a variety of vendors.
The DXi7500 software now also includes a command line interface, as well as a graphical interface.
According to the company, Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac includes the following new features: new vulnerability protection; inclusive scanning, which detects and removes viruses and worms, prevents virus-infected e-mail from spreading and protects against attacks; improved performance; sleek and elegant design; as well as powerful command line interface.
The user can configure multiple filters per tap port using either an HTTP or command line interface where each filter can be set to either PASS or DROP the traffic selection.
A new command line interface automates multiport S-parameter measurements.
Users can remotely access, configure and control the PDUs through a Web browser, command line interface, SNMP or Telnet interfaces.
A command line interface enables outside software to interface directly with KnowItAll for transfer of data and execution of functions, thus bypassing the mouse/keyboard user interface.
NGC 2.2 adds one new protocol, VRRP (virtual routing redundancy protocol), and fifteen new CLI (command line interface) products to the GateD product suite.