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The upgraded LG VX4500 also offers a slight change to the phone's Command List, allowing vision-impaired customers to more easily navigate the phone's commands.
Optimized code to increase gameplay speed -- Special move command list viewable during gameplay (pause and choose command list) -- CPU opponent can be chosen in the multi-play mode of Arena mode.
Each breakpoint may automatically invoke a command list or command file.
In addition to triggering the commands by mouse gesture, MouseAssist also allows commands to be issued by double clicking them in the displayed command list, by typing them in the Keyboard Input dialog box, or by using MouseAssist's state-of-the-art speech recognition technology.
For those who don't program, PC-Install now includes a new standard default installation command list that means a professional, fast installer can be built with only a few clicks of a mouse.
A PATH command lists the directories and subdirectories on the hard drive.

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