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(1) An official (officer or general) in the armed forces of various states. The commander of a fortress garrison was first called a commandant in the 16th century. In Russia up until 1715 the commandant of a military garrison was also the district governor, but after that date he was only the chief of the garrison. There were commandants of headquarters under the commander in chief and under the commanders of individual armies; there were also city commandants, commandants of railroad and waterway sectors, and corps commandants. In the Soviet armed forces there are garrison commandants, military commandants of railroad and waterway sectors and of railroad stations and ports, commandants of water crossings, and so forth.

A garrison commandant is appointed in every garrison. He sees to it that servicemen observe military discipline in public places and in the streets and that the guard and patrol service is conducted properly; he also organizes the protection and defense of objectives within the garrison and the garrison patrol service. In Moscow and Leningrad the garrison commandant is also the city commandant.

The military commandant of a railroad or waterway sector and of a railroad station or port, who is a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, ensures the fulfillment of military transport plans and exercises the functions of a garrison commandant within the territory of his sector.

The commandant of water crossings, who is appointed from among the commanders of units or subunits of the engineer troops, ensures order and discipline at points where troops have to cross water barriers.

(2) The administrator of a house belonging to an institution or educational establishment or occupied by them.

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The newly-appointed Colonel Commandant addressed all officers before he addressed other ranks.
Director- General of CISF Arvind Ranjan is said to have initiated an inquiry against the Commandant.
Suite a la signature de l'accord, le commandant des forces dissidentes, Al-Zaki Musa Mardi, a declare qu'ils ont repondu a l'appel pour la paix et veulent contribuer a la realisation de la securite et de developpement dans le pays.
Commissioner Waheed welcomed the RAP Commandant and praised the cooperation between the two countries to exchange knowledge and expertise in education and training.
Allie meets some ghosts from the past and then finds the diary of one of her ancestors, a girl with the same name, which tells of the tragic love affair between the commandant's daughter and a convict but also reveals the level of brutality and violence meted on the convicts and the dismantling of the more humane system established by Alexander Maconochie, a 'real-life' commandant who preceded the fictional Bennett.
WE DID IT: Commandant, Colonel Tony Laker celebrates with Cleveland ACF cadets
Air Marshal Gill took over the reins of the NDA from Lt Gen Ashok Singh, who had been appointed as the commandant of the Academy on August 7 last year.
Il fut ensuite designe commandant de l'ecole d'infanterie de defense aerienne en 1951, chef d'etat-major de l'infanterie en 1960 et chef d'etat-major des Forces armees en 1967.
Osh oblast commandant Baktybek Alymbekov today ordered police and military chiefs to tighten control over their subordinates, to punish those who infringe service requirements to the full force of the law.
Army Military Police School (USAMPS), we are changing our commandant and assistant commandant.
Marine Corps established a contingency contract training program, the culmination of an initiative started by Shay Assad, Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, OUSD(AT & L), when he was USMC's assistant deputy commandant, Installations and Logistics (Contracts).
The surviving prisoners assembled on the grounds of the rectangular prison, where they were joined by the camp commandant.

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