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An organism living in a state of commensalism.



an organism that lives with an organism of a different species (permanently or temporarily); the commensal benefits from the association and does not injure the other organism. This association is called commensalism.

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Among those strategies, it is worth mentioning the escape mechanism (Wasson & Lyon, 2005) and the commensally interaction between post-planktonic stages and gastropod Crucibulum spinosum (Sowerby, 1824), reducing the risk of desiccation at low tides and minimizing the pressure by predation during high tides (Campos-Gonzales & Macias-Chavez, 1987).
Thus, it is possible that adult flies live commensally with these ants but more research needs to be done.
In Theravada Buddhism and Buddhism Transformed Gombrich and Obeyesekere enable us to see that "spirit religion" and Gotama Buddha's recipe for individual salvation function commensally in a single organic relationship.
It may well be that the natural history of foreign organisms is first to cause pathology, then to be a nonfatal parasite, and then to live commensally and perhaps even interdependently.
Typically they are found living commensally with humans, but House Mice may also establish populations in natural environments (Schwarz and Schwarz 1943; Nagorsen 2005).
To the Editor: Enterococcus faecalis, which exists commensally in the gut in warm-blooded animals and humans, is an opportunistic pathogen that causes a variety of community-acquired and health care-associated infections, such as urinary tract and intraabdominal infections, bacteremia, and endocarditis (1).