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An organism living in a state of commensalism.



an organism that lives with an organism of a different species (permanently or temporarily); the commensal benefits from the association and does not injure the other organism. This association is called commensalism.

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Human skin closely interacts with the exterior environment, and the commensal microbiota at the skin play an important role in maintaining the function of skin barrier.
The study showed a difference in the commensal bacterial flora of the migraine patients from the control population.
In healthy adults, the amount of diversity seen in skin commensal bacteria is staggering," say James A.
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION--Fourteen of 16 frogs collected were positive for parasites or commensals in Colima, and all five individuals collected from Jalisco were positive.
Previous studies on cytokine responses associated with AOM have focused on limited numbers of cytokines and have not examined any relationship with commensals of the NP microbiome.
However, when some of the mice were intestinally colonized with segmented filamentous bacteria--common commensal inhabitants of the mouse gut--they developed the disease upon being immunized with the central nervous system antigens.
This study provides new insights into the protective role of skin commensals and demonstrates that skin health relies on the interaction of commensals and immune cells.
This assures that the organisms seen are not oral commensals.
Lymphoid tissue genesis induced by commensals through NOD1 regulates intestinal homeostasis.