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Mono's installation team removed the existing comminutor system and installed, tested and commissioned a new TR Muncher and all interconnecting pipework and control equipment.
This warning is usually addressed in the pump manufacturer's warranty where statements are made such as "cloths and wash towels should not be disposed into these systems." "The wipes are not expected to disintegrate during conveyance, but once they enter a municipal wastewater treatment plant, the product is expected to be screened by the bar rack or grinded in the comminutor, where the product would eventually be landfilled."
The FitzMill[R] Comminutor is ideal for precise particle size reduction of a wide variety of food products.
A solution may be to have some type of comminutor at the bottom to break the balls or mat into smaller pieces.
Tenders are invited for work includes renovations to an existing sanitary sewer pumping station generally includes installation of actuators, weir gates, programmable logic controllers, comminutor, access hatch, and associated conduit, and apparatuses to install project components.
Tenders are invited for consists of replacement of two (2) pump stations within their sanitary sewer collection system with two (2) submersible type pump stations, plus replace a comminutor and add a chemical feed system for phosphorous removal at the wastewater treatment plant.
Tenders are invited for construction of the pump station improvement project: the project will involve removing a bar screen and installing a new comminutor chamber and connections to existing utilities at the pumping station.
Tenders are invited for Comminutor Replacement - Main Pump Station
proposal b includes, but is not limited to demolition of mechanical and electrical equipment, piping, valves, appurtenances, etc., as indicated on the plans or necessary to complete project at the park pump station; installation of new pump station at park pump station; furnish and install new submersible pumps and comminutor at the park pump station; miscellaneous structural, electrical and mechanical improvements at the park pump station; furnish and install new dry pit submersible pumps, comminutor and strap on flow meter at the place pump station.
Tenders are invited for Installation of two (2) submersible pumps, construction of a precast concrete valve chamber, modifications and rehabilitation of the existing wet well, installation of a sewage comminutor and mixer in the wet well, replacement of approx.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of existing comminutor; aerated grit removal system replacement; primary clarifier equipment replacement; final clarifier scrub troughs, flight & chain and weir replacement; waste burner replacement; sludge recirculating pump replacement/ redundancy; plunger pump replacement/redundancy; boiler replacement and associated building modifications; pump station upgrade.
Replacement of the influent comminutor. Replacement of the primary clarifier equipment.