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A joint, seam, or closure line where two structures unite.



in human and animal anatomy, a site of union or junction.

The commisura labiorum oris is the junction of the lips at the corners of the mouth. The anterior commissure of the cerebrum is the transverse bundle of nerve fibers that unites the corpora striata of the forebrain in the majority of vertebrates. The anterior commissure of the mantle, or the commissura fornicis, joins the hemispheres of the forebrain in dipnoans and terrestrial vertebrates—the basis of the corpus callosum in mammals.

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The mural and commissural cusp showed mild difference of 23mm was observed in the range of 1.
Rheumatic HVD was diagnosed based on echocardiographic detection of characteristic B-mode features, such as thickening of valve leaflets and chordal apparatus, restricted leaflet separation, diastolic doming of the anterior mitral leaflet, commissural fusion or M-mode detection of diminished mitral E-F slope, and upward movement of posterior mitral leaflet in early diastole (20).
Problem solving, working memory, and motor correlates of association and commissural fiber bundles in normal aging: a quantitative fiber tracking study.
0 mm, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, strongly concave and cucullate near the apex, often cucullate-curved in the apex when dry; borders narrow; hyaline cells with rather large, rounded, unringed pores at the corners on the ventral surface, with a few small pores at the corners or along commissural rows, often becoming larger near the base on the dorsal surface; green cells in cross section isosceles-triangular, exposed on the dorsal surface, enclosed by hyaline cells on the ventral surface.
Recent MRI findings [18] suggest that ACC might lie along a dysgenetic spectrum, including all commissural anomalies as part of an overall cerebral dysgenesis.
After the surgical ablation of the unilateral cerebral ganglion, commissural connections are reestablished between the contralateral cerebral ganglion and the cut ends of the remaining nerves that were originally con- nected to the ablated cerebral ganglion.
In particular, they are characterized by (1) a procline to catacline ventral valve with height not exceeding commissural shell length and an evenly convex sagittal profile of the ventral pseudointerarea, (2) a narrow dorsal pseudointerarea occupying less than half of maximum shell width, (3) a poorly defined median buttress and (4) a low dorsal median septum.
As there is commissural process in the knee joint the oxygen was administered under pressure by syringe.
By contrast, pontocerebellar projection fibers were particularly resistant to HIV effects, as were commissural fibers coursing through premotor and sensorimotor callosal sectors (Pfefferbaum et al.