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A joint, seam, or closure line where two structures unite.



in human and animal anatomy, a site of union or junction.

The commisura labiorum oris is the junction of the lips at the corners of the mouth. The anterior commissure of the cerebrum is the transverse bundle of nerve fibers that unites the corpora striata of the forebrain in the majority of vertebrates. The anterior commissure of the mantle, or the commissura fornicis, joins the hemispheres of the forebrain in dipnoans and terrestrial vertebrates—the basis of the corpus callosum in mammals.

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Two reports have noted gross commissural fusion in patients with ergotamine exposure), (18,19) a finding distinctly unusual for fen-phen valve disease.
We are now in a position to obtain a detailed molecular understanding of pathfinding by commissural [connecting] axons in the gray matter of the developing mammalian spinal cord.
Two more of the eight are axons of modulatory commissural neuron 1 (Swensen et al., 2000), but these axons do not project beyond the STG (Nusbaum et al., 1992).
In contrast, the changes observed following transcortical-transspinal PAS can potentially result from potentiation of activity of ipsilateral spinal inhibitory interneurons and commissural interneurons, but further research is needed.
Although revered and time-honored, this scoring system has recently come under intense scrutiny, chiefly after an emerging body of literature emphasized the key role of commissural calcification and subvalvular affection in determining a 'poor' procedural outcome (17, 18).
Under these conditions, Schaffer commissural fibers were cut between areas CA1 and CA3.
The cardinal anatomic changes of the valve include leaflet thickening, commissural fusion and shortening and thickening of the tendinous cords.
Diffusion weighted images were acquired employing a single-shot echo planar imaging (EPI) sequence in alignment with the anterior-posterior commissural plane.
It was also shown the right commissural distance to be the greatest, followed by the non-coronary and the left commissural ones (F=3.522, p=0.025).
Among such connections, the corpus callosum (CC) is the most prominent commissural connection, composed of callosal axons, in the brain.