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1. Maths
a. having a specified relationship with a group of numbers or quantities
b. (of a tangent) tangential to two or more circles
2. Anatomy
a. having branches
b. serving more than one function
3. Christianity of or relating to the common of the Mass or divine office
4. a tract of open public land, esp one now used as a recreation area
5. Law the right to go onto someone else's property and remove natural products, as by pasturing cattle or fishing (esp in the phrase right of common)
6. Christianity
a. a form of the proper of the Mass used on festivals that have no special proper of their own
b. the ordinary of the Mass
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Mercury is a neutral planet in the sense that it is neither feminine nor masculine, neither malefic nor benefic, etc. As a planet that tends to take on the traits of its sign and house placement more readily than other planets, the astrological tradition has characterized Mercury as a common (meaning, in this case, neutral) planet. “Common signs” is another designation for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), which represent a kind of halfway point between the two extremes of cardinal and fixed signs and are thus common (again in the sense of neutral).

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A large plot of grassy, fenced-in, publicly owned land, generally at or near the center of a village or town; in earlier eras, once shared by the townspeople as a pasture.
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* How much of the behavior and strategies of the auditor and the firm managers are common knowledge between them?
Proof of Common Knowledge. As difficult as it will be for IRS examiners who likely are not "skilled professionals" in the relevant "field" and therefore do not possess the knowledge, expertise, or judgment to determine what the state of "common knowledge" among skilled professionals is, it will be equally challenging, if not impossible, for taxpayers to rebut an agent's assertion that the information or process under investigation is not a matter of common knowledge.
Given the assumptions of rationality and common knowledge, equilibrium requires that A stops the game at the first move, But is this equilibrium robust to deviations?
It is common knowledge that one court-approved way for states to favor in-state taxpayers is either to rely on the sales factor in calculating the tax due or to weight it more heavily.
It's common knowledge that medical students routinely use corpses to further their studies, but as Roach discovered, cadavers benefit the living in myriad other ways.
It is common knowledge locally that the hunt is responsible for the welfare of this most magnificent of our wild animals.
Daniel Pipes, a frequent critic of Islam, wrote in a New York Post op-ed that the FBI should not "hide its counterterrorism efforts." According to Pipes, it is common knowledge that "some mosques throughout the West have been used as a base for terror...."
``It is common knowledge that the sea water has for some years been up to the Blue Flag standards but appropriate facilities were needed to ensure the status.''
Unfortunately however, it is common knowledge that many facilities have not yet complied with the guidelines.
The sacralization of the signature within the history of the market is common knowledge; Thomas made its devaluation his artistic statement, an object of investigation.
An obvious question might be, "If this is a legitimate tax benefit, why is it just becoming common knowledge in the assisted living arena?" In fact, several major assisted living companies have been quietly implementing using this concept, but not spreading the word to competitors.
The book's title serves up a cute pun: Its subject isn't "common knowledge" in the sense that it's widely known, but internal information and processes that companies pass among themselves.