syringa vulgaris

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Very fragrant flowers have a pungent, flowery, citrusy aroma and slightly bitter lemony taste.
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oblata), a Chinese species, flowered a week or two earlier than common lilac, they crossed the two and came up with a series of beautiful, early-flowering hybrids called S.
Lilacs are one of England's best-loved spring flowers yet we tend to confine ourselves to varieties of common lilac when buying a new shrub for the garden.
vulgaris, the common lilac, which flowers in May and early June, depending on the variety.
vulgaris, the common lilac is the one most likely to be found in garden centres, and it comes in a range of colours from white through to a deep, rich purple.
Unfortunately, some species, such as the common lilac, Syringa vulgaris, have a bad reputation, especially with gardeners who have only a small garden.