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1. Maths
a. having a specified relationship with a group of numbers or quantities
b. (of a tangent) tangential to two or more circles
2. Anatomy
a. having branches
b. serving more than one function
3. Christianity of or relating to the common of the Mass or divine office
4. a tract of open public land, esp one now used as a recreation area
5. Law the right to go onto someone else's property and remove natural products, as by pasturing cattle or fishing (esp in the phrase right of common)
6. Christianity
a. a form of the proper of the Mass used on festivals that have no special proper of their own
b. the ordinary of the Mass
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Mercury is a neutral planet in the sense that it is neither feminine nor masculine, neither malefic nor benefic, etc. As a planet that tends to take on the traits of its sign and house placement more readily than other planets, the astrological tradition has characterized Mercury as a common (meaning, in this case, neutral) planet. “Common signs” is another designation for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), which represent a kind of halfway point between the two extremes of cardinal and fixed signs and are thus common (again in the sense of neutral).

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A large plot of grassy, fenced-in, publicly owned land, generally at or near the center of a village or town; in earlier eras, once shared by the townspeople as a pasture.
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The common frog, the commonest and most widely distributed, is famous for the clumps of spawn it deposits in ponds, lakes and slow-flowing rivers in early spring.
The commonest cause for admission was exacerbation of acid peptic diseases.
The commonest date is April 19 though the full cycle of Easter dates will repeat only after 5,700,000 years.
The busiest day was December 29 followed by Boxing Day with vomiting, dental and abdominal pain the commonest complaints.
You've got the commonest misconception about the Big Bang: that it happened at some particular spot in preexisting empty space, like an exploding hand grenade with galaxies for shrapnel.
Safeguard 2.6 protects PDF documents with enhanced technical controls that resist all current PC based screen grabbers, stopping one of the commonest methods of IPR theft in its tracks.
Professor David Woods, lead author of the guidelines, said: "With professional lifestyle intervention and appro- priate use of proven drug treatments, it is now possible to have a major impact on the commonest cause of death in the country.
Our common lettuce, Lactuca sativa, is one of the commonest vegetables for all of us and we seldom see it in flower unless we grow too many in the vegetable garden and let the older ones bolt to seed.
'It has come to be accepted as the bedrock of economic systems, but it ought to be criminalized and shown up for what it is and what it does.' It invariably led to conflict, the commonest cause of which was 'deep-festering grievances from unmet needs'.
When houseplants start dropping their lower leaves ( and many do after the dark days of winter ( the commonest causes are neither pest nor disease.
Elephant Prince does not recount the commonest version of Ganesh's origin, in which Parvati creates a child from earth and her husband Shiva is so surprised by the stranger he cuts the boy's head off; instead, Elephant Prince draws upon a classic Indian text entitled "Brahma Vaivarta Purana" to present a version in which Parvati wishes for a child and to her delight has her wish granted, yet tragedy strikes when the god Shani (Saturn) accidentally destroys the child's head, for whatever powerful Shani gazes upon is instantly obliterated.