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1. Maths
a. having a specified relationship with a group of numbers or quantities
b. (of a tangent) tangential to two or more circles
2. Anatomy
a. having branches
b. serving more than one function
3. Christianity of or relating to the common of the Mass or divine office
4. a tract of open public land, esp one now used as a recreation area
5. Law the right to go onto someone else's property and remove natural products, as by pasturing cattle or fishing (esp in the phrase right of common)
6. Christianity
a. a form of the proper of the Mass used on festivals that have no special proper of their own
b. the ordinary of the Mass
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Mercury is a neutral planet in the sense that it is neither feminine nor masculine, neither malefic nor benefic, etc. As a planet that tends to take on the traits of its sign and house placement more readily than other planets, the astrological tradition has characterized Mercury as a common (meaning, in this case, neutral) planet. “Common signs” is another designation for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), which represent a kind of halfway point between the two extremes of cardinal and fixed signs and are thus common (again in the sense of neutral).

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A large plot of grassy, fenced-in, publicly owned land, generally at or near the center of a village or town; in earlier eras, once shared by the townspeople as a pasture.
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However, if you find the basic item-state-"Check" do/checklist format is becoming unwieldy for you, experiment with the challenge-response checklist more commonly used by professional crews.
Commonly, mild pain and mild discomfort is to be expected for the first few days.
In December 1997, Advisory Committee of Less Commonly Taught Languages, National Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education was founded, and since then, less commonly taught languages gained equal position with commonly taught languages in the Advisory Board.
Adverse reactions observed in 5% of patients or more treated with JENTADUETO and appearing more commonly than in those treated with placebo included nasopharyngitis (the common cold) and diarrhea.
The most commonly tipped service-providers are Childcare providers (61% of people tip them) housekeepers (59%) and teachers (48%).
After cannabis, the most commonly used illegal drugs in Northern Ireland were: poppers and ecstasy (each 9%), cocaine (6%), amphetamines and magic mushrooms (each 6%), LSD (5%) and solvents (4%).
Diclofenac, used by millions of people, was the most commonly prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in Britain last year, with six million prescriptions written for it.
Less commonly reported problems included inaudible alarms, failure to prime or infuse, battery failure, or a blank screen.
Eruptive xanthomata are most commonly found around the elbows, knees and buttocks, but can occur anywhere on the body.
The four-year project found that the three most commonly recorded cetaceans in the Irish Sea were Risso's dolphins, common dolphins and harbour porpoises.
University teachers should simply accept as variant spellings those words our students most commonly misspell.
A DRUG commonly prescribed as a treatment for diabetes cannot be justified for use in preventing the disease, experts said.