communication theory

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communication theory:

see information theoryinformation theory
or communication theory,
mathematical theory formulated principally by the American scientist Claude E. Shannon to explain aspects and problems of information and communication.
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communication theory

[kə‚myü·nə′kā·shən ‚thē·ə·rē]
The mathematical theory of the communication of information from one point to another.
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In my class, I have a theory evaluation assignment where students use those criteria to evaluate a communication theory not discussed in class.
Craig (1999) claimed that communication theory does not exist as an identifiable field of study despite its historical roots and increase in the numbers.
And, self-evidently, there is also cross-fertilization across traditions of communication theory. For instance, the sociocultural tradition of communication theory grew out of cross-fertilization across the semiotic and critical traditions, and many contemporary communication theories combine more than one tradition.
Historically, modern South Asian communication scholarship was rooted to journalism education thereby having less or no interest on communication theory (Adhikary, 2013c).
319) The Hovland piece is a representation of the influence of the social scientific turn--other chapters in the section present more contemporary communication theory, such as Bandura's piece on "Social Cognitive Theory and Mass Communication." Berger and Calbrese are credited with forming one of the first original communication theories of interpersonal interaction by conceptualizing communication as a process of reducing uncertainty.
Inspired by the Senufo concept of kologo--the path or direction people choose to follow in life--King organizes her material around, first, her own story ("My Personal Path"), followed by an introduction to music communication theory ("Pathways to Music Communication Research"), the specific ethnic group featured in her study ("The Senufo and Their Life-Paths'), the role of music in faith-sharing ("Musical Paths to Christian Communication'), and, finally, song text analysis ("A Path to Worldview Discovery").
Investigation on H1, H2, H3, and H4 is based on data collected from an introductory communication theory course in Fall 2005 at a college in Western New York.
Engaging Theories in Family Communication covers uncharted territory in its field, as it deals exclusively with family communication theory. In this volume, editors Dawn O.
It is an elementary tenet of communication theory that transmitted messages are encoded by a sender and decoded by a receiver.
Selfish reasons led me to ask for the opportunity to review Feminist Communication Theory: Selections in Context by Lana F.
While case study pedagogy provides students with many benefits, such as concrete applications of technical communication theory, there are distinct challenges that may prevent instructors from developing case studies, such as collecting primary documents as they become available in the media.
The Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations measures a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities in the practice of public relations, including communication theory, management science and ethics.

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