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If a mobile communications device is lost, Perlego OTA Remote allows the device to be backed up, hard reset, wiped clean or even disabled.
Perlego Systems is the only provider of proven, hosted solutions for cross-platform mobile communications device management.
Intel is pleased to enable Xscale(TM) architecture based solutions with Sensoria to support the development of its wireless mesh communications devices.
Sensoria's WirelessFabric(TM) is a wireless network software suite that supports the company's high-performance mesh communications devices.
OmniAir is tasked with developing a DSRC certification program for these communications devices.
The group's charter is to design and produce a mixed SiP (system in package) and SoC (system on chip) transmitter modules for mobile communications devices by combining CMOS technology with bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology.
Home networking has moved beyond a basic broadband sharing model to one of networked entertainment and convergence across the PC, consumer electronics and communications devices.
Siemens Home and Office Communications Devices is expected to help drive adoption of coax as the delivery medium for networking of home digital entertainment.
While this patent application is another in a series of patents covering its unique RF/D(TM) converter and True Software Radio (TSR(TM)) technologies, it is applicable to a broad range of communications devices for both wired and wireless environments.

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