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provides a standardised integration and communications fabric for products
As part of the key technologies that form the foundation of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance program, McAfee Data Exchange Layer is an underlying communications fabric technology that not only connects Intel Security products but also connects products from other vendors.
The P4080 embedded processor is based on Freescale's CoreNet communications fabric enabling performance to scale linearly across multiple enhanced Power Architecture cores, thus allowing the number of integrated cores to increase as needed to meet customer requirements.
Cisco is uniquely positioned to provide a converged Smart Grid communications fabric and to assist our utility customers with the kind of business transformation that will enable the efficient, effective transmission of energy and deliver entirely new, environmentally-friendly services to consumers.
Modern supercomputers are essentially large collections of commodity hardware tied together via a very high performance communications fabric.
Fixed and mobile networks are rapidly maturing to form an extended communications fabric.
The modules are interconnected through a high-speed communications fabric and hosted on multiple ePMC/XMC-to-PCI-X PRO-2900 carrier cards.
This combination of processors, FPGAs and communications fabric provides scalable high-density processing and efficient data communications in one card.
Cisco's Gigabit Ethernet switches were used for the secondary communications fabric to interconnect the cluster, and Liebert's high-density rack-mounted cooling system and computer racks, along with power distribution equipment, were specifically designed for the cluster.
Central to the platform's flexibility is the Sonics SiliconBackplane(tm) MicroNetwork that provides a configurable, on-chip communications fabric inter-connecting the IP cores on the platform.
InfiniBand defines a switched communications fabric for connecting multiple end nodes with high bandwidth and low latency in a protected, remotely managed environment.
The development is in line with the company's vision of an advanced optically-based communications fabric, under its 'New Public Network' plan.
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