communications protocol

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communications protocol

Hardware and software that governs data transmission between computers and mobile devices. The term "protocol" is very generic and is used for hundreds of different communications methods. A protocol may define the packet structure of the data transmitted or the control commands that manage the session, or both. A protocol "suite" such as TCP/IP is made up of several levels of functionality. Learning the 7-layer protocol hierarchy, known as the "OSI model," is essential for understanding protocols. See OSI model and interface.

TCP/IP and Ethernet
TCP/IP is the standard routing protocol of the Internet and most internal networks. It ensures that every message sent was received in full. Ethernet is an access method that is responsible for moving packets from one node to another. See TCP/IP, Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, IPX, SPX, NetBIOS, NetBEUI and SS7.

Conceptually Speaking

The following are very conceptual exchanges managed by TCP/IP and Ethernet.

TCP/IP Protocol
Are you there? Yes, I am. Are you ready to receive? Yes, I am. Here comes the message--blah, blah, blah-- did you get it? Yes, I did. Here comes the next part--blah, blah, blah-- did you get it? No, I didn't - resend it. Here it comes again-- blah, blah, blah-- did you get it? Yes, I did. There is no more. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Ethernet Access Method (Shared Hub Example)
Is the network busy? Yes, it is. Wait random amount of time. Is the network busy? Yes, it is. Wait random amount. Is the network busy? No, it isn't. Here goes the frame... did it collide with another packet on the line? No, it didn't. Is the network busy? Yes, it is. Wait random amount. Is the network busy? No, it isn't. Here goes the next frame... did it collide? Yes, it did. Wait random amount. Is the network busy? No, it isn't. Here goes the frame again... did it collide?


The following communications protocols are or have been widely used (name in parentheses is the protocol suite). There are a large number of protocols at all layers. For a comprehensive list with detailed descriptions, visit

Layer Protocol

     1       RS-232
     1       V.35
     1       SONET

     1-2     802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi)
     1-2     Bluetooth wireless

     2       Ethernet
     2       Fast Ethernet
     2       Gigabit Ethernet
     2       Token Ring
     2       FDDI
     2       ATM

     3       IP      (TCP/IP)
     3       IPX     (NetWare)

     4       TCP     (TCP/IP)
     4       UDP     (TCP/IP)
     4       SPX     (NetWare)
     4       NetBEUI (NetBIOS)

     5       NetBIOS

     6       ASN.1

     7       SMB     (NetBEUI)
     7       AFP     (AppleTalk)
     7       NCP     (NetWare)
     7       NFS     (TCP/IP)
     7       HTTP    (TCP/IP)
     7       FTP     (TCP/IP)
     7       SMTP    (TCP/IP)
     7       DNS     (TCP/IP)
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A number of high-speed communications protocols have previously been developed that will maintain high speeds even in degraded communications environments, such as in wireless channels or international lines.
The consortium members realized that despite the numerous automotive communications protocols out on the market--most from Europe, most in or just out of development--none would fulfill future automotive control requirements.
US government officials "remain concerned" over licensing of Windows communications protocols released by Microsoft to ISVs under terms of last year's antirust settlement.
Standard features include microprocessor controls, material saver function and SPI communications protocol. Digital dewpoint monitor is optional.
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 9, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - OMRON Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645, US: OMRNY), and ITX E-Globaledge Corporation ('ITX-EG'), a subsidiary of ITX Corporation (Hercules: 2725), have announced a joint project to integrate the high-speed wireless infrared communications protocol, 'IrSimple'(1), with the Symbian OS.
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that improvements to its Communications Protocol Licensing Program are now available to existing and prospective licensees.
JetSend technology is a HP-developed communications protocol that allows devices to negotiate information exchange intelligently and without user intervention.
The turboIP-G2 is standards-based, supporting the Space Communications Protocol Standard Transport Protocol (SCPS-TP), and provides reliable connection-oriented, end-to-end data transfer for user applications.
It is intended to allow separate components in a manufacturing chain to communicate and interoperate using a common communications protocol between devices and tools from different manufacturers, offering the potential for manufacturers to coordinate and optimise machines and systems to ensure that these individual components and the factory as a whole are operating at acceptable levels.
All dryers are available with optional Allen Bradley controls and SPI communications protocol.
The ExtremeStor FC's Fibre Channel interface combines the benefits of both channel and network technologies, resulting in a computer communications protocol designed to meet an environment's never-ending demand for high bandwidth (100MB/s and beyond).

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