community college

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community college

community college, public institution of higher education. Community colleges are characterized by a two-year curriculum that leads to either the associate degree or transfer to a four-year college. The transfer program parallels the first two years of a four-year college. The degree program generally prepares students for direct entrance into an occupation. Because of their low tuition, local setting, and relatively easy entrance requirements, community colleges have been a major force in the post–World War II expansion of educational opportunities in the United States. They are also referred to as junior colleges.


See E. J. Gleazer, Jr., This is the Community College (1968); C. R. Monroe, Profile of the Community College (1972).

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The Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE), under the leadership of Assistant Secretary Troy Justesen, is committed to serving the needs of community colleges, as evidenced by my appointment as the first Deputy Assistant Secretary with specific responsibility for community colleges.
"This is a different time-saving effort for students, and it's helped with the enrollment," says Clyde Porter, assistant vice chancellor/director of facilities and district architect for the Dallas County Community College District.
We recently launched a pilot program with Mercer County Community College, near our home in New Jersey, to map students' strengths and weaknesses in such areas as time management, intellectual engagement, test-taking and study skills, and critical thinking.
During the past decade, increasing numbers of students are entering community colleges and even some four-year institutions and taking remedial classes before college-level ones.
City officials and library staff had spent several years developing plans to build a new library within a mile of the community college campus, near the geographic center of Westminster.
Monroe Community College, for example, has been training police and fire safety officers for more than 30 years.
In order to gain a perspective of the California community college student population, this action research project focused on two characteristics found among all students--age and enrollment status.
MacNeil, William (2000, June 12) Higher education, higher tuition, Community College Week, 6-8.
"Honors programs, then, can help the comprehensive community college meet its commitment to make excellence available to all of its students" (McKeague, 1984, p.
This year's list of the 19 Most Promising Places to Work in Community Colleges includes an impressive cast of 2-year institutions that specialize in equipping students for securing the bright promises of their future.
The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC, 2016), recognizing this problem by the early 2000s, held multiple leadership summits with existing community college leaders in an attempt to discover what future community college leaders would need to know and do in order to fill the rapidly vacating positions.

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