community plan

city plan

A large-scale, comprehensive map of a city delineating streets, important buildings, and other urban features compatible with the scale of the map.
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The east side of Froude in that area is not within the jurisdiction of the Ocean Beach Planning Board and Community Plan, but within the jurisdiction of the Peninsula Community Planning Board and plan.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2012-UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Hawaia[euro]i grants USD10,000 in support of community health centre in Wahiawa(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Edmonton and Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports: 2011-2015 was released at the end of January by Homeward Trust Edmonton.
A COMMUNITY plan for Kirkheaton will be launched next week.
In order to make it easier for Maui County to allow some already-planned construction projects to move forward - and boost the sagging economy with jobs - council members voted Friday to give the county's director of public works more leeway in approving subdivisions that may be stalled because they have a divided community plan designation.
The group contributes to the Hambleton Community Plan and meets bi-monthly.
For a project that will gather information on the homeless to 2003 Kamloops Community Plan on Homelessness, True Consulting Group gather and compile information for a snap-shot of the city.
A COMMUNITY plan giving residents the chance to have their say about the future of their neighbourhood will be discussed at a council meeting on Tuesday.
The Warwick District Community Plan was launched yesterday with the start of a four-week consultation process prior to the creation of a series of objectives for agencies - including police, health authority and Warwick District Council - to commit to.
The Swansea Community Plan will set out Swansea City and County Council's vision for the city over the next 16 years.
Basically what we are working on is a joint community plan, a vision for the future, and we want people to have their say,'' said a county council spokesman.

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