commutation of sentence

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commutation of sentence,

in criminal law, reduction of a sentence for a criminal act by action of the executive head of the government. Like pardonpardon,
in law, exemption from punishment for a criminal conviction granted by the grace of the executive of a government. A general pardon to a class of persons guilty of the same offense (e.g., insurrection) is an amnesty.
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, commutation of sentence is a matter of grace, not of right; it is distinguished from pardon, however, in that the conviction of crime is not nullified. The commutation, hence, may be granted on condition that the criminal observe certain restrictions for the balance of his original sentence. Many states have statutes providing for commutation of sentence as a reward for good conduct during imprisonment. Once earned, the commutation becomes a matter of right and may be enforced by court action.
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To initiate this commutation of sentence application, Maria Miller was promised a visit with Jay Kimball.
Commutation of sentence is possible in minor offences, Dr Al Mahmood said.
Commutation of sentence reduces the severity of a sentence; in death penalty states, commutation is typically used to substitute a life sentence for a death sentence.
Yesterday the court heard an account of the facts of the case, with the defence lawyers arguing for a commutation of sentence.
The seventh safeguard, that all individuals sentenced to death have the right to seek a pardon or commutation of sentence, has seen instances of large-scale commutations recently.
In some cases where applications have been made asking for commutation of sentence of death to life imprisonment, the execution are not being carried out awaiting the government's decision.
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The congressman took a leading role in contacting the White House to review the case and consider a commutation of sentence.
Q So that this case shouldn't be setting any kind of standard for, say, someone who has already asked for commutation of sentence for, like, 33 months in jail for perjury and obstruction of justice, just as Scooter Libby was charged with those?
Executive clemency is a power of the President to pardon any prisoner, provided for under Article VII, Section 19 of the Constitution and pertains to reprieve, absolute or conditional pardon with or without parole conditions and commutation of sentence.