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Certain arrow styles are paired: changing the setting of one invokes an inverse change in the other, and both changes are immediately displayed in the corresponding compass roses.
Sometimes the chart is highly decorated with religious images, illustrations of local rulers, flags, coats-of-arms, compass roses and town vignettes.
While the appearance of quantitative precision offered by the latitude and longitude scales might have provided some comfort to sixteenth-century sailors, they did present problems of geometric consistency in the light of the portolan chart's planar projection and compass roses, especially on charts of large geographical coverage.
"Compass roses" is an appropriate name for diamond-shaped word sets, where the four extremities are the letters N, E, S, and W, in appropriate order.
In the compass roses shown above, all words except WHEELBASE, NIHILISES, and PEGBEAN, were found in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Version 3 (OSPD3).
These include better 9-length compass roses, and also boxed compasses where COMPASS occupies columns other than the first or fourth.
The following compass rose is especially appropriate for four reasons.
The map will help you explore the area--if you know how to use a compass rose and a scale of miles.
* Direction: A map's compass rose helps you determine direction.
Example: Using the compass rose, you can see that the New York Stock Exchange is southeast of Ground Zero.
If there's a compass rose for a a low-frequency or mid-frequency beacon, it'll be brown.