compass work

compass work, circular work

Joinery which has circular forms within its overall design.
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The theme for the weekend was Robin Hood and activities included archery, fire-lighting, cooking, apple-bobbing, compass work and collage making.
Would your compass work if you used a wooden toothpick instead of the needle?
But this gives an advantage, since the molecule must be present at low concentrations - but not too low - "to make the biochemical compass work effectively," he said.
One example of the outdoor training included problem solving in flat moorland terrain and included exercises involving compass work and techniques on pacing to determine distance covered.
"He has no training in compass work or advanced navigation, advanced first aid, casuality handling, rope work, or rescue radios and communications.
YOU can learn the basic principles of map reading and compass work at Cwmcarn Forest Drive, Caerphilly, on Saturday.
COUNTRYSIDE rangers are holding a beginners' guide to map and compass work at 10am on Saturday from the public entrance of County Hall.
Before you could say "crampons", we were heading north for a spot of map and compass work.
Sixteen teams from throughout the scout's three Huddersfield districts took part in the competition, which included an inspection and tests on map and compass work, law and promise, local knowledge, scouting history, first aid, clouds and weather, highway code and country code JS*31800678
Of the remaining 10%, 6% involves compass work, 2% is estimating time, and the remaining 2% is estimating distance.
To the north and northeast of the plateau, precipitous drops demand careful compass work to descend safely in mist.
Finding each location depends on accurate compass work from the previous waypoint.