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to reach this industry milestone, and we are proud to have provided compelling and important information and content to our loyal mobile phone users across virtually all U.
Thus Roberts concluded that the administration "failed to convince the District Court at the preliminary injunction hearing that health or diversion concerns provide a compelling interest in banning the UDV's sacramental use of hoasca.
Step three is to evaluate remaining core projects and commit to three to five compelling ideas.
A compelling object can enhance a city, if symbolising or commemorating something worthwhile; but today's commemorate nothing nobler than the architect's creative genius striving for fame and fortune.
The book as a whole is full of interesting nuggets and compelling insights.
Dickerson conferred constitutional weight to the Supreme Court's reasoning in Miranda that custodial interrogations, without the benefit of warnings and waivers, create a psychologically compelling atmosphere that violates the Fifth Amendment protection against compelled self-incrimination.
While Circuit City may have given employers a greater chance at compelling arbitration, on Jan.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, finding that compelling the prisoner to participate in the program in order to receive reduced custody status did not violate his constitutional rights, even assuming he was not in need of the program.
The courts employ a two-part test, examining whether the policy serves a compelling governmental interest (the underlying goal of the policy must be especially important and must be supported by sufficient evidence) and whether the policy is narrowly tailored to satisfy that interest (the policy is necessary to achieve the compelling interest and there are no race-neutral or less burdensome alternatives that could achieve the same interest).
In Smith, Scalia said the Court had applied a compelling interest test in earlier religious liberty cases, such as a 1972 decision that exempted Amish children from compulsory school attendance, because those cases included other constitutional claims.
Some of these associations are compelling while some seem fanciful: at best unnecessary or over-subtle interpretation, at worst a problematic misreading of photographic images.
The 1O1O and One2Free mobile internet services offer a wide range of compelling infotainment services to CSL's customers in Hong Kong.