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A mandamus, meanwhile, is a judicial writ that compels a person or a party to perform a public duty.
Further, it compels speech only from pro-life pregnancy centers, not other pregnancy clinics that offer or refer for abortion.
Summary: The only possible way to deter Kim is through coercive diplomacy that compels him to freeze his nuclear programme at something like its current level
compels a private individual to spread the government's own message
(Suppose, for example, that government compels students to sing certain lyrics in music class, or to recite certain lines in drama class, (15) solely because those lyrics and lines help further dramatic or musical instructional goals, and not because the government wishes to inculcate what those lyrics or lines affirm: May it do so despite students' objections to being compelled to express those sentiments?)
POPE JOHN PAUL II WORRIED OVER SUCH "IDOLATRY OF THE market" in his 1991 encyclical Centesimus Annus, but what also concerns the pope is the limiting effect free-market idolatry compels on reimagining political and economic structures.
The "contract" that compels viewers to watch 30-second spots seems less compelling--literally--as the shows themselves become more like ads.
In his best work, Gatson compels the viewer to negotiate a route through clashing visual systems: Abstraction momentarily overwhelms the known image, is quickly suppressed, and returns again.
When the IRS compels a QTIP trust to make a distribution to a surviving spouse in excess of 10% of the total distribution from the IRA, Act Section 409(d) permits the entire amount distributed to the surviving spouse to be allocated to trust income, with the remainder allocated to principal.
This latter incentive compels us to conclude that the fewer categories, the better.