competitive bidding

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open competitive selection

The process of selecting a contractor in which an advertisement for bids is published in the news media to notify qualified contractors of the owner’s intention to receive sealed competitive bids.
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The DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program was mandated by Congress through the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA).
On the other hand, under the confusion and controversy of competitive bidding and also under the fear of an energy glut in the interim period with the induction of 10,000MW this year (2018), no renewable project could be inducted for almost two years and the industry is running in an unemployed status.
We have to produce inexpensive electricity to facilitate consumers, for which power generation through renewable energy resources like wind, solar, biogas and small hydel plants will be carried under an open competitive bidding process,' he said.
According to the minister, following amendments are proposed in 2006 RE policy, the risk of variability in speeds (for wind power projects) shall be borne by the power producer/seller, the risk of solar irradiation (for solar power projects) shall be borne by the power producer/seller; projects on solar, wind, bagasse and small hydel regimes will be through competitive bidding. For all new small hydel power projects, the induction of all projects will be through competitive bidding.
(Meralco) to open competitive biddings for power supply to other players due to the latter's power rate hike.
2425's passage was a report conducted by the Government Accountability Office, which detailed why costs would increase for consumers should they switch to the competitive bidding model.
In the course of this discussion, we show that competitive bidding has been extensively tested in Medicare applications.
Retirees, other taxpayers, and the state would all benefit from competitive bidding. Retirees win because their premium costs go down while the quality of care is either unchanged or improves.
Understanding these relationships is extremely important for an HME in competitive bidding. Reimbursement reductions due to inappropriate bids could result in an organization's failure and survival in competitive bidding for organizations that participate will rely heavily on understanding the true costs (direct and indirect) of operating their business.
Proposals to include retail pharmacy diabetes supplies in competitive bidding "fail to take into account that fragmenting care for Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes will inevitably result in increased costs," NACDS added.
There is no substitute for a serious and sustained commitment to organizing workers by involving them, and workers will be unable to win any major victories without a sustained campaign by unions and community partners to end the competitive bidding system.
Not all products or items are subject to competitive bidding. The items listed below are eligible:

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