competitive bidding

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open competitive selection

The process of selecting a contractor in which an advertisement for bids is published in the news media to notify qualified contractors of the owner’s intention to receive sealed competitive bids.
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Based on the accumulated evidence that demonstrates the inadequacies of competitive bidding and because of the adverse impact that such a system would have on persons with disabilities, HME providers and the entire health care system, NAMES strongly opposes competitive bidding for home medical equipment and rehabilitation/assistive technology services and recommends deletion of Section 4118 of the Health Security Act in its entirety," concluded Tracey.
14, the Town Council denied all competitive bidding on the reef project by invoking an emergency exception because of the possibility of a storm like the "Halloween storm" damaging the town's seawall.
But it must be a transparent process with competitive bidding and open books -- otherwise, ratepayers are hurt and competitors are unfairly forced out of the market, stifling competition and driving electricity prices higher.
With all that in mind, the council, led by President John Ferraro, finagled the rules to prevent competitive bidding for the operating contract.
and developer of the Beachsaver(TM) reef system, said competitive bidding would have several advantages for Palm Beach.
So, naturally, when the contract came up for review recently, Ferraro made sure his close friend, lobbyist-attorney Neil Papiano, who works for the Greek, got a five-year extension with no questions asked, no competitive bidding and no contract language forcing it to pay more to the city.
has been operating the Griffith Park facility for 25 years and, under the contract extension, will be allowed to maintain it through 2006 without having to go through competitive bidding against other companies that have expressed interest in taking over the concession.
What the council needs to do is reject the five-year extension and open the process to competitive bidding, which the city's Department of Recreation and Parks has spent $200,000 preparing for.
OE recently filed a proposal with the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to adopt either a competitive bidding process that would shift energy supply and price risk to customers or a rate stabilization plan (RSP) that would provide standard offer service at stable prices through 2008.
was getting preferential treatment and should be subjected to competitive bidding.
What is shocking is that the district's official investigation into the spending of tens of millions of dollars on portable classrooms in violation of state competitive bidding laws and sound business practice sheds so little light on the problem and offers such meager recommendations.

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