completion list

inspection list

A list of items of work to be completed or corrected by the contractor.
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In the light of this letter, 28 games will be among completion list of 2018 national police games in which teams of police forces coming from all the country will participate while women will take part in 12 different games.
where S denotes the testing set and [rank.sub.q] is the rank of the final submitted query q in the query completion list. If no matched query is found in the query completion list, 1/[rank.sub.q] is set to 0.
Although such approach can generate satisfactory query completion lists on average, it is far from optimal since it fails to take into account temporal patterns, which can potentially provide valuable signals to generate better QAC rankings.
With a short pass to Shane Vereen late in the first quarter, Brady moved past John Elway (4,123) and into fifth place on the NFL's career completion list. Brady now has 4,150.
For example, if a user is expected to enter the word "fall," a reasonable strategy might be to type the letter "f," select "falls" from the word completion list, and then erase the trailing "s." However, how to treat this input is not clear in this case.
If KR is similar across conditions, then a lack of improvement in TER is due either to the client's difficulty selecting word completions or consistent failure to search the completion list. If KR is significantly slower across conditions, then a lack of improvement in TER is due to the client either having a cognitive delay imposed by word completion, searching the list too often, or spending too much time during each search.
Kaboul also made the poor pass completion list, making just 56.3 per cent of his passes, though he was more dominant in the air - making the list of most aerial duels won with six alongside teammate Ola Toivonen.
Dueprocess Moore argues that he had a due process right to remedy the conditions at issue by the target date of completion listed on B.'s foster care plan.
"With iBuild we can assign one of these people virtually to any project in the country or the world, with full access to all documentation and able to participate without ever leaving the office." iBuild's 23 "smart apps" allow remote involvement in developing rolling completion lists (RCLs), punch lists, RFIs, scheduling, safety inspections.