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We are confident that the enhanced low frequencies acquired by BroadSeis will meet the goals of Shell and achieve excellent penetration of the complex salt to provide clearer imaging of the pre-salt targets as well as simultaneously providing unrivalled bandwidth for the investigation of shallow amplitude anomalies.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- In commitment to its TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness programme, Givaudan Flavours has debuted a new, proprietary complex Salt Reduction flavour system that further contributes to the development of consumer-winning products.
Assistant To The Wireman At 12 Storied Building in connection with Repair & Maintenance of Water Supply Pump Set Sub-Station D G Set Etc At Gsi Office Cum Lab Complex Salt Lake Kolkata-91.
Wavefront Reconstruction and Full Wave Equation methods are often essential for generating improved subsurface images beneath salt bodies, where strong velocity contrasts and complex salt geometries expose limitations of conventional imaging solutions.
Tenders are invited for Rmo 200 Kva Dg Set At Nth Cp Block Sector V Salt Lake Kolkata Sh Supplying Of Following Materials For 2 Nos Dg Set At Nth Complex Salt Lake Kolkata
3-D Full Tensor Gradient technology ("3-D FTG") is ideally suited to image the complex salt structures associated with Garden Banks," said Larry White, Bell Geospace's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Tenders are invited for Supplying Of Following Materials For 2 Nos Dg Set At Nth Complex Salt Lake Kolkata in connection with Repair & Maintenance of 200 Kva Dg Set At Nth Cp Block Sector V Salt Lake Kolkata.
Although the use of Pre-Stack depth Migration has greatly improved seismic imaging beneath complex salt bodies, the results have not always been easily interpreted.
The well was drilled on the north eastern flank of a complex salt diapir feature which straddles the boundary line with Block 29/2a (Ranger's interest 14.
Tenders are invited for Repair Renovation Of Conference Room At Rdat At 1St Floor Cgo Complex Df Block S Lake Kol 64 Sh Pdg And Installation Of Projector And Sound System Sat Rdat Ist Floor Cgo Complex Salt Lake Kolkata
Tenders are invited for Up Gradation Of Light Fitting Fan Etc With New Energy Savings Fitting And Fan At Crpf E Wing 3Rd Floor Handicraft Dept A Wing Third Floor And National High Way Authority C Wing 1St Floor Of Cgo Complex Salt Lake Kolkata-64
Tenders are invited for Upgradation Work For Replacement Of Defective Detectors Existing Wiring At 2Nd 3Rd 4Th And 5Th Floor Of A And B Wing At Cgo Complex Salt Lake Kol 64

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