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Let us test two MPCs shown in Figure 5 with static complexities [H.sub.3;2] and [H.sub.4;2].
Examination of responses to early versions showed where different complexities had the same effect on the management task and so could be combined.
Further exacerbating the medical complexities of the illness, HIV is complicated by myriad factors outside the biomedical arena--economic, legal, political, psychological, religious, social, spiritual--that compound disease chronicity.
The essence of all these innovations and developments, as of the organisational and social complexities which arise from them, is that they involve multiple human and technological agents combining with unpredictable consequences.
The overall tax system would be simplified without significant changes to the income tax system (such as a carry-over basis regime), and the complexities associated with a gradual transition from one system to another would be avoided.
For those involved in international business, there are two detailed case studies showing a computerized print-out and analysis of the complexities of the AMT foreign tax credit limitation, including separate basket calculations.
The sum of these individual complexities is therefore,
With all of these technologies emerging and converging for the customer, how do you deliver this solution in a manner that lowers costs and management complexities?
This expandable, mission-critical networking system enables service providers and enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a rich suite of security, bandwidth management and content services, while eliminating the performance restrictions and operational complexities currently experienced with specialized point products.
While many professionals struggle to understand the complexities of Sec.
The current principles of the cyclomatic complexity metric are to (1) apply it to source code; (2) avoid excessive complexities that cause reliability problems; and (3) use the quantification to drive a testing process that will detect errors.
But the potential complexities and interoperability issues involved in implementing a SAN have been a bit of a buzz killer.