component software

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component software

Program modules that are designed to interoperate with each other at runtime. Components can be large or small. They can be written by different programmers using different development environments and they may or may not be platform independent. Components can be run in stand-alone machines, on a LAN, intranet or the Internet.

Components and Objects
The terms "component" and "object" are often used synonymously. Component architectures have risen out of object-oriented technologies, and the degree to which they comply to all the rules of object technology is often debated. However, a component software platform typically includes a "container" architecture that provides a runtime engine with a set of a common services that all components use. The services include common interfaces to functions such as security, transactions and database connectivity. See Java EE, .NET Framework, COM, CORBA and object-oriented programming.

Where Components/Objects Are Run
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LightWork Design's CNC simulation, verification and analysis software; MachineWorks, is widely regarded as being the fastest, most accurate component software of its type.
Component Software Nordic, an eBusiness intelligence provider, has formed a new partnership with Active Software Inc, a provider of eBusiness infrastructure software, to provide companies in the Nordic region with eBusiness solutions.
COM and CORBA are the two leading component software technologies in the marketplace today.
CGI, one of the pioneers in the field of component software technology, is now making the tremendous benefits of this new generation of software available to the association community.
By its very nature, component software has been designed to be used in a variety of environments, and has well-specified functions with program level interfaces that allow it to perform as an interoperable object.
Although we have found that drag and drop, scripting, and guiding can open up applications in useful ways, education needs a full component software approach.
And now, thanks to a new company called AlphaBlox International, we may actually get a real-world test of the component software theory.

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