component software

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component software

Program modules that are designed to interoperate with each other at runtime. Components can be large or small. They can be written by different programmers using different development environments and they may or may not be platform independent. Components can be run in stand-alone machines, on a LAN, intranet or the Internet.

Components and Objects
The terms "component" and "object" are often used synonymously. Component architectures have risen out of object-oriented technologies, and the degree to which they comply to all the rules of object technology is often debated. However, a component software platform typically includes a "container" architecture that provides a runtime engine with a set of a common services that all components use. The services include common interfaces to functions such as security, transactions and database connectivity. See Java EE, .NET Framework, COM, CORBA and object-oriented programming.

Where Components/Objects Are Run
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Component Software Group, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, provides business intelligence and electronic document management solutions.
To obtain a copy of the most recent SEEC Business Component Software catalog, contact SEEC at 1.
The contracts were received under a framework agreement with the Swedish national financial management authority, and Component Software Group said that it expects to secure additional firm contracts.
Expanded the SEEC Advantage Library of Business Component Software for Insurance to over 200 pre-built SOA components
An illustration detailing how SoftJin's PSE and Verific's HDL Component Software work together is available upon request.
Chris Fanning, corporate vice president of software and IP solutions, said: "Verific's HDL Component Software is a comprehensive tool that Lattice has leveraged in its development of our HDL Explorer tool, a significant new capability that enables FPGA designers to more effectively and quickly complete their designs.
We're delighted that it selected our SystemVerilog component software to be used in its design flow.
Verific HDL Component Software Acts as Front End to MVSIM
the leading provider of component software for simulation-based design and CAD/CAE integration, today announced the signing of the 51st license of their simulation technology.

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