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What does it mean when you dream about a composer?

Many famous musicians received inspiration from their dreams. To dream of being a composer may be a symbol for creating or directing in one or more arenas of life.

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The poor queen was so scared and humbled that she was even afraid to hang the composer without first consulting me.
Oh, it is well enough as the production of a human composer, sung by featherless bipeds, to quote the late Diogenes.
It was rumored that she was an object of almost paternal interest to one of the principal composers of the day, who excited her to spare no pains in the cultivation of her voice, which might hereafter prove a source of wealth and independence.
Whatever it was, it simmered to some purpose, for he grew more and more discontented with his desultory life, began to long for some real and earnest work to go at, soul and body, and finally came to the wise conclusion that everyone who loved music was not a composer.
All the great composers of the day had conducted their own works in turns.
You have only to shut your eyes, and you will fancy you hear four modern German composers playing, instead of one, and not the ghost of a melody among all the four.
4 paragraphs seem to be missing from this omnibus text here they have to do with musical composers, a piano, and a brief revery on the part of Nemo}
Some of these anthologies were books of songs with the accompanying music; for music, brought with all the other cultural influences from Italy and France, was now enthusiastically cultivated, and the soft melody of many of the best Elizabethan lyrics is that of accomplished composers.
Oh, you mustn't run down our English composers, Margaret.
Scott Pfitzinger is both a composer and librarian at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
Emmy nominated composer Craig Safan will be a guest conductor for his The Last Starfighter overture.
Among a great range of living composers' works, the 2015 festival programme will focus on the music of three composers in particular - universally-acclaimed Estonian composer Arvo Part in his 80th birthday year; Amsterdam-based Brit composer, Richard Ayres, whose orchestral and chamber works are programmed to complement Welsh National Opera's premiere of his new opera Peter Pan; and Dobrinka Tabakova who's gaining wide-spread recognition.