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What does it mean when you dream about a composer?

Many famous musicians received inspiration from their dreams. To dream of being a composer may be a symbol for creating or directing in one or more arenas of life.

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Would the day-to-day urgencies of life with young children distract me from the abstraction of composing? The popular image of the artist as a wild, unreliable creature who needs freedom to thrive is greatly exaggerated -- but not entirely unfounded.
This is the first time Pritam is composing for a Ranveer Singh film...
When we think of new media, we often think of composing projects that use digital technologies, but new media texts do not have to be digital.
"But, above all, there were consistent shortcomings in composing techniques in each."
While there are several music composition programs offered by Canadian academic institutions, there are no composition programs or courses focusing specifically on composing educational music for young people (Andrews & Carruthers, 2004).
Specific subjects covered include sentence composing, marking meaning, elaborating, and a wide variety of others.
In this Statement, composing refers broadly to complex writing processes that are increasingly reliant on the use of digital technologies.
He represented Namibia and chaired the committee that was tasked with the composing of the AU Anthem in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The premise of this excellent historical account of multimodal composing practices and pedagogies is simple: Composing texts, even alphabetic texts, has always already been multimodal.
The problem in a nutshell: Traditional instruction doesn't develop all the knowledge writers need -- in large measure because the focus of instruction is on composing particular assignments rather than on developing robust conceptual and strategic knowledge that transfers to new composing situations.
Chishti started his career and composing music for the film Deen o Dunya in 1936, and in 1938 he had composed music for L.
Ivan believes that composing has everything to do with feelings, and it is made more beautiful by breaking patterns.